VoltSurf All-Around iSUP
VoltSurf All-Around iSUP

Voltsurf boards are made by printing in HD directly onto the second to the final layer of the boards to make amazingly vivid colors.

This process permits us to design boards with unparalleled shade range and detail.

Our obligation is to make boards for our customers using the top standard stuff and most creative construction processes accessible.

And our aim is to provide boards that are really special and made with enough personality for you to love and resonate with.

With this in mind, we have designed 11’0 Rover inflatable boards to be fast, durable, dependable most of all radical.

Features VoltSurf All-Around iSUP

Customizable and collapsible

Our paddle is designed for all-around use and can be managed to the rider’s height or favorite paddling style.

The paddle collapses into 3 pieces to fit conveniently into the carrying bag.

Further, our paddle is insulated with foam to make sure that the paddle floats on all bodies of waters.

High roller bag

The carrying backpack contains hip straps for hiking into the backcountry, built-in rugged wheels for perfect transportation on groomed trails and roads, corrosion-resistant zippers, and a heavy-duty fabric powerful enough to take a beating from a grumpy, airline baggage manager.

VoltSurf All-Around iSUP
VoltSurf All-Around iSUP

Dual-action pump

Board with inflating to 15 PSI within five to seven minutes in twin action mode, by pumping air into the board in both downward and upward motion of the pump.

Further, the pump can be switched into one action mode to permit easier pumping at higher force.

Universal single fin

The single fin offers amazing glide, control, and stability without the extra drag caused by side fins.

Our single fin is removable for more perfect storage and use in rivers, and interchangeable so that riders can customize fin style/size to their personal preference.

Top tier construction and standard control

  • Each individual layer is force tested for twenty-four hours before advancing to the next production level to make sure an impermeable seal on all layers.
  • Constructed with top tensile strength drop-stitch fibers for the best rigidity.
  • Electronically tested at six points to certify the best shape and rocker.
  • Reinforced with the highest denier, military-grade PVC for high durability.
  • UV coated to extend the durability and keep your board looking best.

Our target is making premium SURF and SUP gear that you can both love and depend on.

We pride ourselves in making an all-terrain inflatable paddleboard fast, durable, and stable enough to really take anywhere and enjoy.


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