Tower Yachtsman Inflatable Paddle Board
Tower Yachtsman Inflatable Paddle Board

A Solid board for paddling is undoubtedly versatile and very fun to ride, but they come with some disadvantages. The stiffness of the fiberglass paddleboard can hurt your feet just after paddling for a few hours. Fiberglass paddleboards are big. Thus, it’s problematic to transport and store.

Fiberglass can similarly be fragile. Dings and nicks can cause serious harm to the board, letting it rot and get waterlogged. Fortunately, there’s an answer to all the problems mentioned above, and it is called an iSUP or inflatable stand-up paddleboard.

One such board is from the Tower Inflatable Paddle Boards that are portable, durable, lightweight, and relatively cheap than hardboard or solid board options.

Tower Paddleboards are the undoubted ruler of the paddleboard industry. With their wide range of options of paddleboards, there is undoubtedly the first brand you will find as soon as you are presented to the sports world.

Tower Inflatable 10’4” Stand Up Paddle Board - (6 Inches Thick) - Universal SUP Wide Stance - Premium SUP Bundle (Pump & Adjustable Paddle Included) - Non-Slip Deck (Yachtsman - 10'4")

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Overview of Yachtsman Inflatable Paddle Board 10’4″

Yachtsman Inflatable Paddle Board 10'4"
Yachtsman Inflatable Paddle Board 10’4″

The Tower Yachtsman iSUP is a stunning board made with extremely rugged materials. Initially, Tower used to make traditional boats. Then Tower realized that boaters indeed love their inflatable paddle boards, but boaters had very discerning tastes as soon as it came to board design.

This thought made them focus on their design, and thus Tower designed and made its Yachtsman inflatable paddleboard for boaters of all skill levels.

This Yachtsman paddleboard by Tower is a “Board Only” package. Unlike other stand-up paddleboards, the Yachtsman paddleboard by Tower does not include paddles or pumps.

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Package Includes

This “Board Only” package includes a premium inflatable SUP of 10’4″ x 32″ x 6″ (L*W*H)

A high-quality deck pad from Tower brand that matches the signature teakwood strip appearance of fine yachts universally

A 2+1 fin configuration (1 detachable sup center fin and two tail rocker fin configurations)

One roll-up carrying strap

A handhold strap

An additional handle in the back and front

Also, a leash accessory D-ring on the tail.

A Giant Leap In The Inflatable SUP Design

The design of this paddleboard works wonders. The 6 inches thick, military-grade material Yachtsman paddleboard from Tower is intensely more rigid, and it helps you float higher in the water.

This also ensures that your feet do not get wet while paddling through your favorite water land. But this’s only among many advantages that set this Tower inflatable SUP apart from the competitor’s products.

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This Board Offer Amazing Rigidity To the User

The Yachtsman Inflatable stand-up paddleboard is made using highly rugged materials. These materials are like the ones you would get in the extreme river rafts and highly regarded Zodiac boats.

The excellent rigidity in this board is made by thousands of straight-up-oriented features of similar length that attach the top to the bottom of the deck.

When you inflate the board, the structure provides the user with the rigidity of plywood. The thicker it is, the exponentially more firm it gets.

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Max Weight Capacity

This Tower inflatable stand-up paddleboard allows you to bring your kids or pet along while paddling on the water. You will be shocked to see its capacity. This Tower Yachtsman inflatable paddleboard can hold up to 200 lb.

A Substitute For Practical EPS/Epoxy Board

Usually, inflatable stand-up paddleboards were only meant for traveling. But now you can also store it in your cuddy cabin on the yacht, haul the board into a secret mountain river or lake, or take the board with you on the plane, and you can do SUP boarding in the outermost corners of the world.

With the given rigidity, Yachtsman paddleboard, an iSUP is now similarly a practical EPS/Epoxy board substitute for anybody who is not a die-hard paddler. And it still likes all the storing and carriage advantages since it is an inflatable paddleboard.

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Features of Tower Paddle Board

even the finest boats
Tower Paddle Board


You do not have to worry again regarding dings and cracks of the board. This board from Tower was designed wisely and made with such a good material that it will not get dings or cracks if you throw the board from a two-storied building.

Easier to Store

As soon as you deflate it and roll it up, it becomes a 1′ 33″ pack that you can store in your backpack or a safe corner in your house when not in use.

Easier to Transport 

As we already have mentioned that after deflating the board, it becomes so small that you can carry the board with you anywhere, you want to. Isn’t it great! You will no longer need a roof rack to transport your paddleboard.

Easy on Your Feet

Although very firm, the air cushions the feet way more than hardboards give to your feet, irrespective of how good the deck pad is.


This board is so soft that your kids or pet can jump on it without hurting their feet. Your kids or pets do not even get knocked out in the waves either.

Tower EVA Traction Pad

It has Tower EVA Traction Pad on the deck with a parallel lined grooved wood deck, which allows you to have a better grip.

Useful Handle

There are handles for easy portability and transportation at the nose and center.

Tri-Fin Setup

Features a removable center fin and two side fins that provide maneuverability and allow you better control while turning the board.

The D-Ring

On the board’s back, there are D-rings that you can use for mooring paddle or towing or for attaching the leash.


Great for beginner paddleboarders

Well balanced all-rounder

Comfortable EVA pad

Rolls up easily

Very compact

Great maneuverability


The backpack is not included

No bungees

The leash is not included

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Review of Tower 10’4″ Inflatable Paddle Boards

highly regarded zodiac boats

The Tower Yachtsman inflatable paddleboard is a beautiful recreational paddleboard for beginners and intermediate paddlers who want a versatile, fun experience.

It was mainly built for comfort and maneuverability. Its length lifted nose rocker and thickness is designed and made to pick up speed easily while turning quickly and contributing excellent maneuverability of the paddleboard.

The outcome of these design mechanisms is a paddleboard that’s accessible and very easy to use. Furthermore, with a volume of 400 lbs, it is also perfect for tandem paddling.

It is an excellent board for fun paddle boarding as it is lightweight and easy to transport from place to place. Additionally, it helps in the portability of this Inflatable SUP. The board quickly deflates to be rolled up very compact.

Yet, the Tower Yachtsman package of equipment is lacking to some extent, as they only offer a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle as well as a manual dual-action pump to their consumers. This whole package could have been improved by just adding a leash and a travel bag.

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We highly recommend Tower Yachtsman inflatable SUPS for paddleboarders searching for a great versatile recreational paddleboard that’s easy to transport, store, and also easy to maneuver.

Nevertheless, you’ll need to buy a bag separately for your Yachtsman paddleboard to make it further travel-friendly and add a leash for your safety measures while being on the water paddling.

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Tower Inflatable 10’4” Stand Up Paddle Board - (6 Inches Thick) - Universal SUP Wide Stance - Premium SUP Bundle (Pump & Adjustable Paddle Included) - Non-Slip Deck (Yachtsman - 10'4")

$699.00  in stock
as of July 16, 2024 5:29 am

Tower Inflatable 10’4” Stand Up Paddle Board - (6 Inches Thick) - Universal SUP Wide Stance - Premium SUP Bundle (Pump & Adjustable Paddle Included) - Non-Slip Deck (Mermaid - 10'4")

$699.00  in stock
as of July 16, 2024 5:29 am

Tower Premium iSUP 12V Pump - 20 PSI - Compact Digital Air Pump Compressor with Preset PSI Auto Shut Off for Inflating SUP Paddle Boards, Boats, Rafts, Pool Toys, Water Sports 12V DC Car Connection

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FunWater SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 11'x33''x6'' Ultra-Light (18.5lbs) Paddleboard with ISUP Accessories,Fins,Adjustable Paddle, Pump,Backpack, Leash, 10L Dry Bag

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FunWater Inflatable 10'6×33"×6" Ultra-Light (17.6lbs) SUP for All Skill Levels Everything Included with Stand Up Paddle Board, Adj Floating Paddles, Pump, ISUP Travel Backpack, Leash,Waterproof Bag

$209.95  in stock
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as of July 16, 2024 5:29 am
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