Slingshot Crossbreed 11 Inflatable SUP Board
Slingshot Crossbreed 11 Inflatable SUP Board

The Slingshot crossbreed inflatable SUP board is your ticket to affordable and fun in the great outdoors.

From relaxing hot month days on the beach with friends and family to backcountry adventures in streams and lakes.

Just pack it, pump it up and explore locations you would never get to with a hardboard.

The Crossbreed Airtech paddle is an adjustable and rugged paddle that separates into 3 pieces for perfect transport and storage.

Inflatable board uses will like this paddle compact size, it fits perfectly into the added carry bag.

It specs a carbon shaft, durable nylon composite blade and powerful clamps for a fast and simple adjustment.

Features Slingshot Crossbreed 11 Inflatable SUP Board

There is a tradition that amounts a full lot of credit to the specs of an inflatable paddleboard because that is what makes it different from the rigid counterpart.

Accordingly, the CrossBreed is about to put up 1 hell of a show because this is a type of board that comes with everything you will need as a paddler.

One of the key specs of any inflatable stand up paddleboard has got to be a gripping pad and which describes why the CrossBreed planned to go with a completely extended Eva pad, covering approximately eighty percent of the board’s area.

This is the best news because it will permit you to move around freely and adjust yourself amazingly on top of the board without risking falling in or capsizing the board.

Slingshot Crossbreed 11 Inflatable SUP Board
Slingshot Crossbreed 11 Inflatable SUP Board

Also, the gripping pad is going to make it best easier for you to manage the board and navigate it on a powerful and strong current.

From the gripping pad, we jump right to the D-ring sets.

Definitely, net because this is one of few paddleboards out there which comes with two cargo nets which can be used for different conditions.

For example, the cargo net will make it simpler for you to transport anything from your fishing gear to your sandals and even securely store your paddle for when you would like jump into the water.

Then there is the navigation structure which, unlike the mainstream design, is a one fin structure.

This might go against the belief of a lot of paddles but single fit structures are not truly inferior to triplefin systems.

It is real that triple fins can slightly better straight tracking but other than that, they are quite much similar in effect.


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