Tower 10’4“ Paddle Board Review

Tower 10’4“ Paddle Board Review

Tower 10’4“ SUP is one of the most popular choices up on Amazon. It is a wonderful, minimalistic-looking, professional board that many people enjoy and it, therefore, has over 210 5-star reviews! Let’s get into the real talk here.
This is your typical wide premium board: it’s 10’4″ long and it will help you improve stability and balance. It is also a great choice for those who always need a lot of space: maybe those who do yoga sup, fitness, cruising, like to bring a friend or a pet along…

The single bottom fin helps you remain stable but also increases your maneuverability certainly. You will be able to speed up, handle and move around without that much pressure on your triceps! Therefore, kids, teens, women and old people can use it too. Anyone that’s not as athletic, really.

The 6“ thick Military-Grade PVC will help you keep this board for a long time since there won’t be any lumps, breaks or dents in the board. It’s a sturdy board with a great top deck. We guarantee you won’t slip while on this deck, which makes it even better for those who are active on it.

The highly portable board makes a great companion during each vacation and adventure you embark on. You’re getting a full kit with a high-pressure SUP pump, a Tower branded diamond grooved deck pad, a removable center fin, a handhold strap, and a roll-up carrying strap.

All types of water are compatible with this board and that’s what makes it so special and so practical for all who like to surf and maybe even use the board on river waterfalls. If you’re over 200 lbs, though, you may notice it bending just ever so slightly in the middle.

We highly recommand Tower 10’4“ inflatable paddle board.



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