SUP Board Accessories

There are plenty of accessories for paddle boarding, so there will be some in this paper only essential equipment that can be used in recreation for increased safety, comfort and attractiveness.

Float Vests

Float aids are worn near water to keep in danger In this situation, the injured floated on the surface of the water, making it easier to find help.

Used in boat rides, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing and water skiing, and the like.

It showed that of over 300 types of aids for buoyancy, all types significantly reduce the possibility of drowning and serious injury at accidents on water surfaces.

Paddleboarding does not often involve falls that could result in paddler fainting so that the vest is only recommended to younger users or worse swimmers.

sup float vest
sup float vest

SUP Board Accessories: Neoprene suits, shoes, gloves and hats

Neoprene suits make it longer staying in the water, as well as floating vests increase the buoyancy of the user. For stand up paddling is not often required, except for beginners who have not yet mastered the balance as well in winter or extremely wavy conditions when the chance of falling in cold water is higher and there is a risk of cooling.

Neoprene shoes are also recommended for winter conditions or hard boards, which are sometimes rugged due to their roughness unpleasant to the feet of the user. Gloves and neoprene hats are recommended for winter conditions.

sup neoprene suit
sup neoprene suit

Paddle Board Leash

A leash is a firm connection between the board and the paddler, it attaches to the hook on the inflatable board which is usually aft of that paddler’s leg.

It is used under undulating conditions to prevent it when falling into the sea they lose a lot of energy trying to reach the board or in extreme conditions completely lost the board and compromised their own safety.

sup leash
sup leash

SUP Board Accessories: Paddle Board Dry Bags

Bags designed for water sports, completely watertight and resistant rain, snow, mud and similar adverse conditions.

Good addition for longer trips and tours because may contain dry clothing, food, liquid, mobile phones and the like.

sup dry bag
sup dry bag

Compass, GPS, map

Navigation aids recommended for longer tours and more serious trips. An excursion guide must always be sure where it is and where it is going to go the experience of other paddlers as enjoyable and carefree as possible.

Of course, it is advisable to be a guide very well acquainted with the route itself and has been through it many times before.

Paddle Board Seat

If you want to rest from the standing, it is enough to fasten the kayak seat to the D-Rings and sit comfortably, and then you can continue with paddling.

sup board seat
sup board seat


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