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SUP Board Accessories

SUP Accessories include sup leashes, winds up rigs, sup foils, paddleboard bags, and spares from leading brands.

Accessories and additional items to compliment your SUP experience.

Premium SUP accessories online: electric pump, leash, fin, backpack, deck bag, kayak seat, and more.

Complete your stand-up paddleboard needs. SUP gear from Vesl. SUP board fins, SUP board bags & auto racks for stand-up paddleboards.

We also carry a variety of accessories like water bottles, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, rash guards, and even t-shirts if you want an extra layer of protection against the sun!

Best SUP Accessories – Must Have in 2022

Do not go out boarding without these must-have Paddleboard accessories. Are you thinking of paddleboarding anytime soon? Before starting your journey, you need to have two main paddles and the Paddleboard.

This might be simple to get if you’re renting or have a few paddleboards of your own. Though, the additional accessories and gear you need to take along with you might make your Paddleboard experience even great.

These additional accessories will assist you in maximizing your own experience with waterboarding right away.

Here is some instance of the most vital stand-up paddleboard accessories that you can have for boarding. Hopefully, these extra stand-up paddleboard accessories can make your adventure easier when it comes to performance and maintenance on the water.


Stand-up Paddleboard is one of the physical activities. But since it is a water sport, fatal accidents can occur. They’re often caused by not wearing safe life jackets. You do not want something as good as paddleboarding to end in a tragedy. It would help if you went back home to your family once at the end of the day.

SUP Deck Bag

Without a SUP deck bag, how will you bring small items with you in the water like your snacks, dry outfits, and keys, etc.? It would help if you had a proper bag – ideally made for a Paddleboard. It should be water-resistant. The SUP deck bag is the ideal choice to carry your items when going for an adventure in the water.

Paddle Board Carry Straps 

Do you struggle to carry your Paddleboard? At times they can be awkward to handle and move around, particularly on those super warm summer days. SUP has straps to help you save you a big hassle and backache! No more uncomfortable gripping your fingers and using your hip as smooth support. Walk to the lake or beach, hands-free with your SUP on your shoulder.

Paddle Board Cart

If you’ve to walk a long way with your Paddleboard across rough terrain, a strap might not be enough. Paddleboard carts make it simple to travel with SUP. They’re even more helpful if you want to transport many boards. Most of the paddleboard carts have airless tires. No one wants to deal with a punctured tire in the mid of nowhere. They’re adjustable to fit various board sizes, while others are made for multiple boards.

Paddle Board Storage Rack

Unlike ISUP, you cannot deflate your epoxy board and throw it into your bag. You need ample storage space. And not only that – you’ve to be careful about how to store it. In your garage, something heavy could fall on your Paddleboard and cause a breakdown. Storage racks provide you with options for keeping your Paddleboard. There’re wall racks, free-standing racks, and ceiling racks. Most of them will hold more than 1 SUPs.

Electric Paddle Board Pump 

Save your energy and time and get yourself an electric pump to inflate your SUP. The hand’s pump is very trimming and takes up a lot of time. With this, you’ll save both your energy and time. Most options also provide you the opportunity to remove the air and deflate your SUP back down for easy traveling. This is an essential accessory for your Paddleboards.

SUP Led Lights

If you’ve never gone paddleboarding at night, then you are missing out. While it is cheap, like no other, night paddleboarding is dangerous than day boarding, as you can imagine. So, SUP LED lights, among other accessories, are essential for your safety. They will keep you visible to other paddleboarders. It is illegal to go at night for paddleboarding without a LED light in some areas.

SUP Dry Bag

Some of the things you must bring cannot get wet. This is why each Paddler has to invest in the best quality dry bag. When buying a stand-up paddleboard bag, do not get the cheapest option. This might cost you a lot of it gets submerged with your items in it.

SUP Lock

SUP gets stolen more often than you might think. You will need a stand-up paddleboard lock to protect you from any loss. When going for a quick paddle, you will not have to worry about losing your stand-up Paddleboard. But if you spend the entire day outside, you will have to get away from the SUP at some point – either to grab lunch o visit the restroom.

Fishing Rod Holder for SUPs

If you enjoy fishing during water adventures, you need to try fishing from a stand-up paddleboard. A Paddleboard is a smooth and straightforward maneuver and permits you to quietly sneak up on fish in difficult-to-reach areas. When fishing on a Standup Paddleboard, it is hard to paddle while holding a fishing pole at the exact moment. Finding the right way to secure your fishing rod and reel can prevent your gear from ending up below the ocean or lake.

Action Camera Go Pro Adapter 

Already have a great action camera? Now you need to buy a camera mounted on your Paddleboard to capture the auctioned hands-free. There is a wide variety of models available, from suction pads to adhesive permanent stick-on types. It depends on what sort of paddle you’re going for. Most SUP lovers will find a Go-Pro Paddleboard mounts most handy. A suction mount will be enough for a relaxing flatwater lake cruise.

SUP Leash 

Anyone knows the value of using a leach. Getting a proPaddle board leash is undoubtedly in your best interests. Unlike a traditional leash, Paddleboard is coiled, ensuring you do not get tangled up while paddling and have a minimal drag in the water. But when ultimately extended, this Paddleboard leash will still provide you a safe distance between you and the Paddleboard. If you wipe out, the coils give up to 5 times the length when extended.


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