rally 3pc sup paddle 1
rally 3pc sup paddle 1

I recently discovered the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle, an exceptional blend of affordability and performance that’s perfect for sharing. Featuring a smooth carbon composite shaft, this paddle ensures effortless glides through the water. With a custom 16-inch LeverLock adjustment, it offers versatility for different heights and preferences. Weighing in at just 31oz, it’s light enough for extended use without fatigue. The 93 sq. in. blade is ideal for all SUP paddlers, making it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to enhance their paddleboarding experience. Have you ever struggled to find the perfect SUP paddle that fits everyone in your family? I know I have, and that’s why the “Rally 3pc SUP Paddle” piqued my interest. Let’s dive into the details of this product and see if it’s the magical paddle we’ve all been searching for.

Rally 3pc SUP Paddle

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First Impressions

From the moment I unboxed the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle, I could tell it was different. The sleek carbon composite shaft gleamed in the light, and the feel was just right—not too heavy, but with a reassuring heft.

Rally 3pc SUP Paddle

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Design and Build Quality

Sleek Carbon Composite Shaft

One of the first things I noticed was the smooth carbon composite shaft. It’s crafted to provide strength without adding unnecessary weight. The material feels robust, and it’s clear that this paddle is built to last. The shaft also has a comfortable grip, making it perfect for long paddling sessions.

Custom 16-Inch LeverLock Adjustment

The adjustable nature of the paddle makes it great for sharing among different family members. With the 16-inch LeverLock adjustment, everyone can find their perfect fit quickly and easily. No more awkwardly long or short paddles that make your arms ache after a few minutes.

Lightweight Yet Durable

The Rally 3pc SUP Paddle weighs only 31oz, making it incredibly easy to handle. Despite its lightweight nature, the carbon composite construction ensures it’s durable enough to withstand frequent use.

Rally 3pc SUP Paddle

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Performance on Water

Smooth and Effortless Paddling

Taking the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle out on the water was a dream. The 93 sq. in. blade provided ample power without causing strain, and I found paddling to be smooth and efficient. Whether I was cruising on a calm lake or battling mild coastal waves, this paddle delivered consistent performance.

Great for All SUP Paddlers

The paddle’s versatility is one of its standout features. No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned paddler, the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle caters to all skill levels. Its design ensures that you get the most out of each stroke, maximizing efficiency and minimizing effort.

Sharing and Adjustability

Perfect for Families or Groups

One of my main challenges has always been finding a paddle that works for everyone, from my youngest child to my tallest friend. Thanks to the 16-inch LeverLock adjustment system, the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle can be resized in a matter of seconds. This makes it an excellent choice for family outings or group paddling sessions.

Easy to Adjust

Adjusting the paddle length is incredibly straightforward. The LeverLock mechanism is intuitive and doesn’t require any tools, saving time and hassle. With just a few quick adjustments, it’s ready for anyone to use.

Rally 3pc SUP Paddle

Price vs. Performance

Affordable Yet High-Quality

In the realm of SUP paddles, you often get what you pay for. However, the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle strikes a remarkable balance between affordability and performance. It delivers features and durability typically found in higher-end paddles but at a budget-friendly price point.

Value for Money

Considering its build quality, adjustability, and overall performance, the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle offers excellent value for money. It’s a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enhance their paddling experience without breaking the bank.

Detailed Specifications

To give you a clearer picture of what to expect, here is a detailed breakdown of the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle’s specifications:

Feature Specification
Shaft Material Carbon Composite
Weight 31oz
Blade Size 93 sq. in.
Adjustment Mechanism LeverLock
Length Adjustment Range 16 inches
Suitability All skill levels, great for sharing

Real-World Usage

Convenience of a Three-Piece Design

The three-piece design of the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle makes it incredibly convenient to store and transport. Whether I’m packing it into the trunk of my car for a weekend getaway or stashing it away at home, the paddle takes up very little space.

Easy Assembly

Assembly is quick and painless. The components fit together seamlessly, and the locking mechanisms are robust, ensuring that the paddle stays secure during use. Even for those who might not be particularly handy, putting this paddle together and taking it apart is a breeze.

Versatility Across Different Conditions

Flat Water to Mild Waves

I’ve tested this paddle in a variety of conditions—from serene, glassy lakes to mildly choppy coastal waters. In every scenario, the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle performed admirably. It provides the right amount of flex and rigidity, making it versatile for different paddling environments.

Ideal for Both Recreation and Exercise

Whether you’re paddling for leisure or using it as part of a fitness routine, the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle is up to the task. Its efficient design means you can cover more distance with less effort, optimizing both fun and fitness.

Durability Over Time

Built to Last

After multiple outings, the paddle has shown no signs of wear and tear. The carbon composite shaft remains intact, and the blade hasn’t chipped or warped. This durability makes it a sound investment for long-term use.

Resilient Against Elements

Exposure to sun, saltwater, and other elements hasn’t affected its performance or appearance. The materials used are resistant to corrosion and UV damage, ensuring that the paddle maintains its integrity and aesthetics over time.

Customer Support and Warranty

Responsive Customer Service

When it comes to customer support, the brand behind the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle certainly doesn’t disappoint. I had a minor query regarding the adjustment range and was able to reach customer service quickly. They were friendly and extremely helpful.

Warranty Coverage

The paddle comes with a comprehensive warranty, which adds an extra layer of reassurance. It’s always good to know that the manufacturer stands behind their product, ready to address any potential issues.

Pros and Cons


  • Adjustable 16-Inch LeverLock System: Easily customizable for different heights, making it perfect for sharing.
  • Lightweight: At only 31oz, it’s easy to handle and reduces fatigue.
  • Durable: Made from a sturdy carbon composite, it’s built to last.
  • Versatile Blade Size: The 93 sq. in. blade offers excellent performance for all skill levels and conditions.
  • Affordable: Offers high-quality performance at a reasonable price.


  • Manual Adjustment: While the LeverLock system is easy to use, it does require manual adjustment, which might be a slight inconvenience for some.
  • Three-Piece Design: Although convenient for storage, some purists prefer a one-piece paddle for its seamless construction.

Final Thoughts

A Wise Investment

If you’re in the market for a new SUP paddle that ticks all the right boxes, the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle is an excellent choice. It’s versatile, durable, and delivers high performance—all without breaking the bank. The custom 16-inch LeverLock adjustment system makes it incredibly user-friendly, and its lightweight construction ensures you can paddle for hours without tiring out.

Perfect for All Paddlers

Whether you’re a novice just stepping into the world of stand-up paddleboarding or a seasoned paddler looking for an upgrade, this paddle has something to offer. Its design caters to all skill levels and performs well across various conditions.

Value for Money and Peace of Mind

Ultimately, what sets the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle apart is its incredible value for money. You’re getting a top-tier paddle at a fraction of the cost, backed by responsive customer service and a solid warranty. It’s a purchase you won’t regret, whether you’re exploring calm lakes or tackling coastal waves.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect SUP paddle that combines affordability, performance, and convenience, look no further than the Rally 3pc SUP Paddle. It’s a game-changer that’s bound to elevate your paddling experience.

Find your new Rally 3pc SUP Paddle on this page.

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