Freein Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP Long with Kayak Review
Freein Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP Long with Kayak Review

Freein inflatable paddle boards are specially designed to use in all conditions by all types of Riders. The objective of Freein is to let the rider explore the world.

The specialty of Freein stand up paddleboard is that it can be converted easily and quickly into a seated Kayak.

You need to clip the seat to the preinstalled anchors, then swap out the paddle handle for the second paddle blade, and here you are very to kayak!

Key Features Freein Inflatable SUP Long with Kayak

This inflatable standup paddleboard is very lightweight and portable.

It can easily fit into your backpack because it weighs full 25 pounds and can be easily carried on your shoulders for using a laptop side of the carry handle.

You don’t need to divide about leakage problem. It has a locking fill port that makes sure that the seal is tired when feeling and will keep water out while in use.

It also includes an ankle leash that can be attached easily with the rear leash plug.

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Freein Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP Long with Kayak
Freein Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP Long with Kayak

  1. Product Dimensions: 127.2 x 31 x 3 inches.
  2. Weight of Board: 18.04 lbs
  3. Rider’s weight: 360 pounds


Quick to use

This standup paddleboard is very quick and easy to use.

It will not waste your precious time in setting it up. It takes a few minutes to convert into a seated kayak!

Yes, you heard right. This standup paddleboard can be converted into a seated kayak by clipping seeds to the preinstalled anchors and then swapping the paddle’s handle for the second blade.

Portable and Lightweight

As it is an inflatable today board, that is why it is very lightweight and portable also.

Just it weighs only 25 pounds, and it can be easily fit into the back fact of yours so that you can carry it along with you to the favorite place.

The federal board alone weighs only 18 pounds and can be carried very quickly with the preinstalled handle.

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Freein stands up paddleboard is unique with its impressive and attractive built.

This standup Board is ready to provide you all you required for paddling.

Making this standup paddleboard is a part of reviewing place because this is the one you will find the best inflatable stand up on the list.

It is much lighter as compared to similar models.

The paddleboard alone weighs only 18 pounds. The paddleboard also includes an electric pump to inflate the board.

The third generation attached to the board is reliable and doesn’t need any screw on it.

  • The board is significantly lighter as compare to similar models.
  • It includes a double-action hand pump.
  • A repair kit so that you can repair it yourself in an emergency.
  • Quite stiff
  • Customer care service is average.
Freein Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP Long with Kayak
Freein Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP Long with Kayak


If you are looking for your first-ever support and Confused to choose the right one, your search is over now. This paddleboard is one because it is lighter, portable, and can convert into a kayak very quickly.

It is effortless to inflate with an adaptor’s help in can be plugged into the car. So, it’s an excellent product to buy.


Freein inflatable stands up paddleboard is constructed of high-quality drop stitch fabric.

This material has proven to have no pinhole leaks, no cracking, and no air bubbles on the surface.

It is also UV resistant and unaffected by weather(excesses of heat, cold, or humidity), fuel, oil, sunlight, or everyday abrasion.

Maximum inflation pressure 26 psi.

ISUP 10 feet long, 31 inches wide, 6 inches thick, and With a Maximum Weight Limit of 220 LB, Maximum inflation pressure 26PSI.

A paddleboard is equipped with a Diamond grooving EVA pad、kayak cushions and paddles so you can sit on the SUP to surfing on water.

It’s perfect for beginners and young guys playing and studying on the water.

The board has high-quality accessories: a diving handle, BRAVO with filter valve, 6 stainless steel 304 material D rings. You can carry SUP in or out of the water very quickly.

Inflatable super quick to inflate and deflate board and very fast to inflate your board up to 15 PSI in 3 minutes, it is convenient to carry out and does not occupy the space in the car,because the Fins in the middle can be removed.

Boards Can Be Used In The Ocean Or Fresh Water Lakes and Rivers,very friendly to travel and adventure.

ISUP complete package includes Freein 10’ Air SUP,3 pieces adjustable SUP/Kayak ALU paddle, Double action hand pump, 10′ Coiled Leash, travel Backpack.

Freein Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are designed for use in various conditions by all types of riders.

Explore the world!

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  Freein Stand Inflatable SUP Long with Kayak   Freein Stand Inflatable SUP FSA-305SW19   Freein Stand Inflatable SUP FSA-335MG19   Freein Stand Inflatable FSA-305WG
FSA-305SB19 FSA-305SW19 FSA-335MG19 FSA-305WG
Color Blue White Aqua Red
Length 10′ 10′ 11′ 10′
Width 31″ 31″ 33″ 33″
Max Load Weight 257 lbs 257 lbs 305 lbs 257 lbs


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