BESTWAY Hydro Force Aqua Journey
BESTWAY Hydro Force Aqua Journey Review

BESTWAY Hydro Force Aqua Journey is the inflatable SUP board that will be under the spotlight throughout this SUP review and we will try to cover all the main aspects that we think anybody who is reading so far should get to know.


The BESTWAY Hydro Force Aqua Journey is 9ft long and 30” wide and 6” thick; it is definitely not considered a huge board but it is guaranteed to be an ideal option for several users out there. The width factor is forever something that we have to appreciate about this; it is what makes them as safe and stable as they’re. That being said, the BESTWAY Aqua Journey, although it might not strike you on length aspect, it’s really roomy for all different positions.

Build Quality

The company uses heavy-duty PVC material to make entire of their inflatable things but in a traditional method at all. The BESTWAY Hydro Force Aqua Journey is a quite extremely unique board, along with its siblings, and that is because of the Tritech, the Inflatashield and the Fortech features. The later is the dense polyester mesh and high PVC gauge. This application of the 2 content makes for a lightweight yet durable material that’s to puncturing, smooth to the tough and stretching.

BESTWAY Hydro Force Aqua Journey Review

Performance of the SUP

As far as we are concerned, this is BESTWAY’s smallest board and given our humble experience with these SUPs, the BESTWAY Aqua Journey would do a remarkable job for an entry-level board. It is very simple to handle either in or out of the water, it is amazingly stale which a learner would appreciate the most and it is as durable and solid as any bigger option.


  • Paddle is adjustable
  • Includes all paddling accessories
  • Commendable manoeuvrability
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Middle carry handle


  • Not very thick and might sink in the middle
  • A little too short and narrow for younger

Final words

The BESTWAY Hydro Force Aqua Journey has proved to be truly great for children and smaller riders. The package is completely appreciated because the rides don’t have to go off seeking accessories. This paddle board is lightweight, which is forever a fine thing. The adjustable paddle can be utilized by all family persons and save money. Given the price, nobody can really complain about BESTWAY Hydro Force Aqua Journey.

Last updated on March 28, 2020 7:03 am


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