Silver Shark Paddle Board
Silver Shark Paddle Board

It measures 10’6″ x 30″ x 6″and weighs in at 24lbs. The shark offers a 10ft touring board that performs well in lakes, rivers, and the ocean.

It is a reasonably fast board that tracks and glides too, and it is top suited for cruising and touring.

Features Silver Shark Paddle Board 

The paddleboard can be inflated up to 25 PSI and is made of military-grade PVC stuff.

The deck rails and base of the SUP spec an initial 0.5mm five-hundred polyester plain weave layer and a second 0.7mm 1000 polyester laminate layer for better stiffness and durability.

The top of the SUP is covered by a perfect shark pattern EVA foam traction. This offers an ideal grip, and we like the unique build.

The center of the SUP has a perfect grab handle for carrying the paddleboard around.

Further, a stainless steel D-ring is placed at the SUP tail for linking a paddleboard leash, and four more d-rings near the SUP nose with a bungee cord storage area.

This is the top for securing a shoe, backpack, and many other essentials while out on the water.

The SUP has an entire volume of 300ltrs and can support the highest weight of 220lbs.

The advised inflation is 18 PSI, but the SUP can be pumped up to twenty-five PSI for extra stiffness.

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Silver Shark | Canadian Inflatable Paddle Boards

On the flip side, the Silver Shark 10.6 stand-up paddleboard cruiser has a two plus one fin setup, with two little fixed side fins and an oversized nine adjustable fit.

This offers the SUP fine tracking capability, and you can also get rid of the big center fin if you paddle in shallow water.

You can also get rid of the center fit if you want more play in the tail and less straight-line tracking.

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Why Choose Silver Shark | Best Paddle Board Brand in Canada

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