WOGQX Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle
WOGQX Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle


This free flow paddleboard SUP features (3) bottom panel fins for speed, hassle-free steering, and maneuverability for an exceptional surf control so you can glide and skim the water like a sea creature


stand up paddling board is 10.5ft long and provides 30″ of deck width for improved stability and balance while standing, High-strength drop stitched air cushion ( Max 15-18 Psi).

Our paddleboard suits people of all skill level, you can use it in the ocean, rivers, freshwater lakes, etc.

WOGQX Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle
WOGQX Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle


Ideal for all skill levels for fewer accidents or injuries should you fall!

Brushed Thickening Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

Best for fishing, touring, snorkeling, spearfishing, or recreational paddling in all weather conditions.


Take your paddleboard with you wherever you go! It quickly inflates or deflates for easy storage, making it ideal for the lake, river or ocean

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Product name: Surfboard
Material: high-strength inner mesh fiber drawing
Product weight: 11.9kg
Maximum load capacity: 200kg
Capacity: 1 person
Surfboard size: 320*76*15cm
Packing size: 85*45*26cm
Product standard:
High-pressure inflatable hand pump (including barometer) *1
Shoulder storage bag*1
Fin system (1 large 2 small)
Repair tank*1
Adjustable aluminum alloy paddle *1
Foot rope*1

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