Mistral Lidl paddle board review
Mistral Lidl paddle board review

The Mistral Lidl paddleboard is a great and fine quality SUP for beginners that want to get started with SUP boarding.

This paddleboard is especially ideal for starters and people who’ve less than five years of standup paddleboard experience.

The paddleboard is not fast but mainly focuses on sportiness and fun.

With a maximum carrying capacity of 150 kilograms, it’s also ideal for bigger or heavier people.

Main features Mistral Lidl Paddle Board

  • Material – Dual chamber technology with drop-stitch material
  • Fins – Includes 2 x mold side bite fins included directional balance and single universe standard fin box. An eight inches fin is provided as part of the box.
  • Design – Modern and extremely stylish design with the original M embossed deck print instead of the honeycomb grooves.
  • Inflate/deflate – Standup paddleboard inflated in nearly 8 minutes with the supplied pump.
  • Warranty – There’s not guaranteed by the manufacture or the Lidl. Only the mandatory warranty that’s needed by law is offered and differs per state.

In the Package you’ll get:

Review contents


The paddle supplied with the Mistral Lidl paddleboard is an aluminum height adjustable 2 in 1 and a kayak paddle.

It’s adjustable from 167 to 207cm / 5’5″ to 6’8″. When the other blade is utilized, the full length will be up to 7’5″.

The paddle is quite huge, with a weight of 2.9 pounds. It’s very well made without having to use a screwdriver.

The kayak blade does not click in but has a sliding mechanism, which takes a slight of puzzling to connect.


The supplied pump with this SUP is a double-action high-pressure pump that should clear the task very quickly.

A pretty standard pump often supplied with paddleboards, the inflating was rather high than another standup paddleboard.


The coiled leash is padded on the inside and of fine quality.

It’ll only expand when you need it, so it’ll not be in the way during your paddling adventures.


A decent quality backpack can carry your Mistral Lidl paddleboard, with an extra zipper on the front.

The SUP also includes a small dry bag in the water-resistant package but not completely waterproof so that you mightn’t get to your phone or camera in there!


After the company announced that this’d be a new SUP in their collection, I’ve tried this paddleboard.

I desired to see what performance would be love compared to other SUP models.

The weight, size, and thickness are about average for around SUP, so not much to speak about that.

The carrying capacity is good with its decent price tag. 150 kg is decent for taking along a child or a pet, in a few cases even a second person.

I do love the original M-embossed Pattern for super-grip. It adds something amazing than a similar honeycomb groove.

The SUP feels solid but is slightly too wide to build up speed. It reminds me of many Aqua Marina Fusion.

Also, a steady paddleboard, the LIDL Stand up paddleboard, offers quite much for the available low price tag.

What I like

  • Great quality stand up paddleboard of the known brand
  • Ideal for both slightly wilder and quiet water
  • 3 fins for better speed and direction
  • Only 10.8 kilograms, so simple to carry and inflate the SUP
  • Leash, backpack, paddle included

What I don’t like

  • Poor availability
  • Just one carrying handle
  • The standup paddleboard is not fast enough for the professional SUP boarder.

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Should we buy a Mistral Lidl Stand up paddleboard?

The Mistral Lidl paddleboard is a top-quality board aimed at starting to stand up paddler with a high carrying weight of up to 150 kg.

This Mistral Lidl paddle board is ideal for heavier and bigger persons, and it’s sometimes possible to take a 2nd person along for a ride because the stand-up paddleboard will bend.

Since this Mistral Lidl paddle board includes all you need to get started, you will not have to incur additional expenses next to the purchase of the SUP, which is an ideal deal.

The quality of the Mistral Lidl paddleboard can’t be compared to a board like a Bluefin Cruise, which costs 250 bucks more, so it’s almost double the price.

The thing you’d beware of the most is the warranty period: Markets like Lidl don’t offer the similar sort of warranty you expect from specialized stores.

All in all, the Mistral Lidl paddleboard offers quite a lot in a great package for the small price tag, but you can’t expect the similar as with a premium board.

The Mistral Lidl Stand up paddleboard is a fine option to get started on the water, though!

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mistral 10’6″ Allround iSUP im Test

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