WOWSEA iSUP Inflatable Review
WOWSEA iSUP Inflatable

WOWSEA iSUP is a classic example of a mid-range SUP board whose production quality comes from a double PVC layer reinforced with a double layer of PVC foil on the board’s side.

At the top of the board is a diamond non-slip pad and a flexible rope for luggage and stuff fixing.

There are three fins from which the largest can be removed from the board on the bottom.

A fine, complete set doesn’t always have to cost much. That’d be the motto of the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP. The versatile paddleboard has a massive delivery scope, fine craftsmanship, and a decent price-performance ratio.

The set of the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP is very cheap, considering the fine quality of the paddleboard and accessories. The complete package is stimulating for newcomers in standup paddling to the WOWSEA. Inflatable SUP comes with complete essential equipment for waterboarding.

Moreover, the paddleboard provides much-tilting stability, making learning standup paddleboard with this model straightforward. We had the chance to try the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP.

And in this review, I want to share my experiences and test outcomes.

Review contents

Features WOWSEA iSUP Paddle Board

The WOWSEA iSUP comes in a package with a pump, an integrated pressure indicator, and a portable backpack with all the accompanying stuff from the container.

It can handle weights up to 280 lbs.
The 11 and 10.6 extended versions have 4 D-rings mounted on the chair that the SUP turns into a kayak.

Variations of the board of 11 have excellent water stability, and we recommend they practice Yoga SUP.

WOWSEA iSUP Inflatable
WOWSEA iSUP Inflatable Review

We also must mention that you rarely find a mid-range manufacturer’s public contact for customer support.

About the Board

Paddleboards such as the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP are best used for cruising rivers, lakes, and canals with a slow water flow and small waves.

The WOWSEA Inflatable SUP is 11′ long, 32 inches wide, and 6 inches thick all-around standup paddleboard. The board is well-suited for various applications.

This WOWSEA Inflatable SUP board can accommodate more air, give more buoyancy, and have a higher payload. The paddleboard is quite broad and thick, giving a lot of buoyancy.

The WOWSEA states that the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP can carry a load of up to 280 pounds. The paddleboard is best suited for a rider weighing less than 80kg. We believe the paddleboard should only be used by riders weighing up to 100kg.

WOWSEA Swift S2 Inflatable Paddle Board, Durable and Stable SUP Board, Sport & Racing Paddle Board with Action Camera Mount, Nice iSUP Board for Aquatic Exercise and Professional Paddlers (Green,14')

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Processing and quality

Quality-wise, the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP board makes a great impression. The WOWSEA Inflatable SUP looks solid, and the seams are neatly glued. We noticed no glue residues, unclean edges, or other flaws on the SUP. The board is a dual-layer board. The drop stitch was used in the production, in which 2 PVC layers were combined.

The production procedure and the thick construction make the paddleboard quite stiff, and the stiffness of the boards can also be felt on the water. Another sign of quality is that the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty on the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP.

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The WOWSEA Inflatable SUP 11′ long is an OK board confirmed by tilting stability. The paddleboard lies safely in the water, particularly for the new paddler’s profit. On the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP, new riders find it easy to balance.

The SUP tip is round, providing much stability compared to other paddle boards like Blue Fin or the Decathlon Standup paddleboard. This SUP is much more round. This is very practical for new riders because the round nose gives more tilt stability. The rounded nose is not essential for longboarding sessions because it has better water resistance than one of the pointed paddleboards.

The WOWSEA Inflatable SUP also has a lightweight Nose rocker. The bending of the SUP tip ensures that the board doesn’t dive into the minimal wave but glides better over the water, and the three fins provide the SUP more stability.

The WOWSEA Inflatable SUP has two permanently mounted side fins and a detachable dolphin fin. The board features a plug-in fin system. The central fin can be linked to the SUP in a few easy steps.

In addition, the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP is also equipped with different extras that make a fine-quality impression. The board has a luggage net on the front side, which can transport small dry bags or water bottles.

The WOWSEA Inflatable SUP is also equipped with a big EVA pad. The non-slip coating provides a decent grip and ensures a secure footing even in wet conditions.

The SUP weighs only 20 lbs and is carried by the neoprene handle in the center of the board.

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What do you get in the WOWSEA iSUP package?

The WOWSEA Inflatable SUP has all the essential accessories for water paddling. For the 1st visit, you need the pump, leash, paddle, and backpack.

A SUP dry bag can also be handy for long-time fun, as provisions, change of outfits, or other essential accessories can be transported.

The aluminum paddle included in the scope of delivery is well-processed. The paddle, which weighs around one kg, can be dismantled into two parts for transport. It takes less than thirty seconds to assemble or disassemble. The length of the paddle can also be adjusted from 175-215cm without steps.

Therefore, The paddle is ideal for up to 1.9m tall. On our paddle, only the lock between the shaft and handle seems as if it’ll fail after 2 or 3 seasons.

The included dual-stroke air pump is also a solid model. With the pump, switching from one-stroke to double-stroke mode is straightforward. I need to close the air intake.

We inflated the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP with this pump to an air pump in about 8 minutes. The ideal way to dual-strokes is to increase the board tone-strokePI in dual-stroke mode and then shift to one-stroke mode.

The board backpack is very roomy and provides enough space for essentials. The padded shoulder straps make a fine impression and are sufficient for transporting and storing the stan paddleboard.

The holding coiled leash only extends to its length when falling into the water. This is normal because it prevents the leash from sticking to underwater plants and solid rocks. A leash is also included in the WOWSEA Inflatable SUP package.

WOWSEA Swift S2 Inflatable Paddle Board, Durable and Stable SUP Board, Sport & Racing Paddle Board with Action Camera Mount, Nice iSUP Board for Aquatic Exercise and Professional Paddlers (Green,14')

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Included package

  • SUP board
  • high-pressure air pump with pressure gauge
  • aluminum telescope paddle
  • transport bag
  • leash
  • repair kit
  • fins

This board has four versions; the primary differences are in dimensions and design. The design of the els tells about their purpose.

The spiky board shape at the top is faster on the water.

The wider boards are more stable on the water.

wowsea isup boards
wowser isup boards

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Common technical specifications:

Size: 11’x 32″x 6″, 10.6′ x 32″x 6″, 10′ x 32″x 6″
Weight limit: 280 lbs
Layers: Double PVC layer with double reinforced lateral sides
Recommended for: Beginners, short trips, holidays, yoga, fishing
Transferability: The board weight 20 lbs and has a handle for easy manipulation and transport
Warranty: 1 year + 30 days free return

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  • Customer service
  • Double PVC layer quality
  • backpack
  • diamond texture pad


  • A hand pump is not good quality after some time of use
  • The middle fin sometimes falls off

WOWSEA iSUP Inflatable Review

Blue and White Sky Blue Water Droplet Blue
Blue and White Sky Blue Water Droplet Blue
SIZE 10′ / 11.’ 10′ / 10.6.’ 10′ / 10.6.’
Dimensions 10′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H) / 11′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H) 10′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H) / 10.6′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H) 10′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H) / 10.6′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H)


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Inflatable SUP Review:11’Blue Wowsea Paddle Board

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WOWSEA Bionics B1 Inflatable Paddle Board, Durable and Stable Yoga Paddle Board, Leisure & Fitness SUP Board, 10' Long x 31" Wide x 6" Thick with iSUP Accessories (Blue)

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WOWSEA Swift S2 Inflatable Paddle Board, Durable and Stable SUP Board, Sport & Racing Paddle Board with Action Camera Mount, Nice iSUP Board for Aquatic Exercise and Professional Paddlers (Green,14')

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