WOWSEA iSUP Inflatable Review
WOWSEA iSUP Inflatable

WOWSEA iSUP is a classic example of a mid-range SUP board whose quality of production comes from a double PVC layer reinforced with a double layer of PVC foil on the side of the board.

At the top of the board there is a diamond non-slip pad and a flexible rope for luggage and stuff fixing.

On the bottom there are three fins from which the largest can be removed from the board.

Features WOWSEA iSUP Paddle Board

The WOWSEA iSUP comes in a package with a pump that has an integrated pressure indicator, and a portable backpack with all the accompanying stuff from the package.

It can handle weight up to 280 lbs.
The 11 and 10.6 long version versions have 4 D-rings that can be mounted on the chair that the SUP turns into a kayak.

Variations of the board of 11 have excellent water stability, and we recommend them to practice Yoga SUP.

WOWSEA iSUP Inflatableblank

We also have to mention that you rarely find a mid-range manufacturer’s public contact for customer support.

In the event of any technical difficulties with the board, you can contact the customer service at [email protected] and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

What do you get in the WOWSEA iSUP package?

  • SUP board
  • high-pressure air pump with pressure gauge
  • aluminum telescope paddle
  • transport bag
  • leash
  • repair kit
  • fins

There are 4 versions of this board, and the basic differences are in dimensions and design. The design of boards tell about their purpose.

The boards that are spiky shape at the top are faster on the water.

The boards that are wider are more stable on the water.

wowsea isup boards
wowsea isup boards

Common technical specifications:

Size: 11’x 32″x 6″, 10.6′ x 32″x 6″, 10′ x 32″x 6″
Weight limit: 280 lbs
Layers: Double PVC layer with double reinforced lateral sides
Recommended for: Beginners, short trips, holidays, yoga, fishing
Transferability: Board weight 20 lbs and got handle for easy manipulation and transport
Warranty: 1 year + 30 days free return



  • Customer service
  • Double PVC layer quality
  • backpack
  • diamond texture pad


  • Hand pump not good quality after some time of use
  • Middle fin sometimes fall off

WOWSEA iSUP Inflatable Review

Blue and White Sky Blue Water Droplet Blue
Blue and White Sky Blue Water Droplet Blue
SIZE 10′ / 11′ 10′ / 10.6′ 10′ / 10.6′
Dimensions 10′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H) / 11′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H) 10′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H) / 10.6′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H) 10′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H) / 10.6′(L)×32″(W)×6‘’(H)


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