SUP Brands To Avoid
SUP Brands To Avoid

When selecting a SUP, the primary thing you’ll want to determine is the paddling you’ll be doing the most.

If you plan to be out on the water for yoga, workout, or recreation, you find a stable, maneuverable variant like an all-around stand-up paddleboard or a hybrid.

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Stand Up Paddle Boards Types

If you plan on paddling long rides or fast speeds, a touring or race stand-up paddleboard might be a better fit because they are built to track efficiently and cut through the water rapidly.

Length, weight capacity, fin design, width, and construction are the main features you’ll want to consider in addition to the stand-up paddleboard.


All-Around SUPs

All-around SUPs are the most common SUPs and are perfect for beginners.

Paddleboards are wider than touring and surfing boards, making them more durable.

The stand-up paddleboard’s increased width is a standard function of the planing hull, a flat bottom design with a rounded bow letting the paddleboard ride on top of the water smoothly.

These stand-up paddleboards are versatile and can be padded in calm water and even small surf.

Surf SUPs

Surfing SUPs have several similar features to regular surf paddleboards.

These stand-up paddleboards are usually much shorter than others and have a pointed bow and tapered stern.

The shorter the SUP, the easier it’s to maneuver in the surf.

Fin Configurations can differ, but the most common is the three-fit setups.

Hybrid Paddle Boards

Hybrid models combine a few of the best features of other board types.

Every hybrid paddleboard design is different; it depends on the manufacturer.

These versatile paddleboards make them the best board for beginners who want a paddle in any water.

Several Hybrid stand-up paddleboards incorporate the advanced fit methods of touring or racing paddleboards to make the hybrid track well in flat water and surf.

Touring and Race Paddle Boards

SUPs for racing and long rides touring have a pointed bow and are made to displace water instead of riding on top.

This displacement lets the more extended, narrow board eliminate through the water, increasing tracking and speed.

These stand-up paddleboards are less stable than their more comprehensive counterparts but are very efficient.


The length of the stand-up paddleboard you pick should depend on where you’ll paddle the most.

SUPs for paddling in the surf are shorter, making them easier to maneuver.

These SUPs usually are less than 9ft in length. In contrast, mid-range SUPs among 9 to 12 feet are very common for all-around paddleboards suited for calm water—longer stand-up paddleboards measuring 12 plus feet are made for racing or touring tracks exceptionally well.

Weight Capacity

Part of selecting the suitable stand-up paddleboard for you is making sure it is built for the type of water you want to paddle and can assist your weight.

The SUP volume is usually measured in litters and tells you how well the SUP will float with added weight.

Generally, the better the board’s volume, the more weight it can support.

The thickness of the SUP has just as much impact on the volume as width and length.

Weight capacity is measured in pounds and provides you with a weight range possible for a SUP.

Riding a SUP with appropriate weight is vital to safety and comfort while depending. Paddleboards that do not have enough capacity for the rider are challenging to paddle and ride lower in the water.

When looking at the weight capacity, consider any gear you might need to take with you on the water, such as coolers, rods or tackle, camping gears, etc.

Fin Design

Once you determine the size and type of SUP you’re looking for.

The fin setup is the next thing to take into account.

The fins on the stand-up paddleboard make the board track and maneuver smooth. There’re several fit configurations.

The most common are single fin, three fin, and racing fans.

The sing fin setup typically has a system to raise or lower the fin as needed.

The three-fin setup is standard on surfing SUPs and lets for better tracking in flat water.

Racing fins are more rigid and help the stand-up paddleboard track well in a rough situation, surf, or large swells.

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Width and Stability

The width of the SUP widely determines the stability of the stand-up paddleboard.

Wider paddleboards are more stable but tend to sacrifice tracking and speed.

However, they are best for beginners because you can balance them and are perfect for paddlers who plan to carry extra gear for overnight excursions.

The wider stand-up paddleboards range from 31 to 36″ while narrower boards measuring less than 30″ wide are faster and track finely but might be harder to stand on.

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The Core of a stand-up paddleboard is what provides it its buoyancy.

SUPs are usually made using a light material core and then covered with fiberglass, plastic, carbon fiber, or wood skin.

The three main types of cores are EPS foam, polyurethane foam, and hollow Core.

The most common Core for stand-up paddleboards is EPS foam.

EPS boards vary significantly in weight, depending on the brand’s technique and material used for skin.

Hollow cores are often found in touring and racing boards because they are faster and lightweight.

These designs are more often the costly paddleboards in the market.

Polyurethane foam cores are heavier than EPS, making them the cheap and most common type of Core for beginners.

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SUP Brands to avoid

When choosing SUP, the Brand is essential to consider. Always select and brand and SUP according to your budget.

Don’t go with low-quality paddleboards.

You are going on the water, and it can be a huge problem.

So, choosing a brand and board is very important for every paddler.

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