Flying Fish Freedom Board
Flying Fish Freedom Board

Feel a sense of freedom, the most versatile model in the race-board lineup.

The freedom is suitably named, with the best rocker profile and a buttery smooth nose design.

This board will free you to tame rough ocean situations and still lead the pack in flat water.

Features Flying Fish Freedom Board

Freedom is a fantastic choice as an all-around race board.

This model puts the fun back into those grovel sessions. The quick and loose board gets you out there having fun on days you would not generally bother to paddle out.

It matches all levels of surfers and loves tiny and weak situations.

It specs a complete outline, a giant swallowtail, and a flat rocker with sweet volume to ensure easy paddling and instant take-off speed.

This design allows you to fly down the line over dead sections quickly.

With its unique design, the Freeglide has captured many podium finishes and become the board of choice for many elite paddlers.

Some design specs of the Freeglide contain a slight displacement, starting at the nose, that rightly blends into a planning hull.

This entry continues with rugged rails into the twin concave base under the standing place. This permits ultimate stability.

We are moving towards the tail, and the twin concave transitions into the best amount of deadrise, permitting clean water release with no drag.

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Maiden Voyages Flying Fish Freedom Boards

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Key Features

  • Chined rails permit a fast release of the water, up onto fail, and offer extra clearance when banking turns.
  • The ramp tail offers extra push for prone paddlers when catching waves.
  • It has elongated EVA deck pad foil surfers’ freedom regarding stance place and eliminates the need for wax.
  • Inserts for foot straps allow you to explore your every foiling wish.

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