Vilano Navigator Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board
Vilano Navigator Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

The Vilano Navigator paddle board is the best all-around SUP board for water adventure.

It is made from the highest grade PVC using Korean drop-stitch for the best durability. It is designed for the highest speed over flat water for long-distance paddling.

The VILANO Navigator Inflatable SUP is designed with touring style to provide the max about speed over flat water for long paddling sessions.

It’s constructed with top-grade PVC material to provide the utmost in ultra-durability and supports a weight of up to 250 pounds for the most reliable use.

Plus, this Vilano Navigator Inflatable SUP has a built-in D-ring to simply the procedure of connecting gear or carrying coolers.

Features Vilano Navigator Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

The board is 10 X 31 and 6 thick. It supports a max load of 250 lbs. deflated, the board rolls efficiently, and is simple to carry with the backpack carry bag.

The deck is furnished with heavy-duty D ring hooks for carrying a dry, cooler bag or attacking kayak seat.

Vilano Navigator Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board
Vilano Navigator Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

Quality features

  • Durable & Rigid: it feels incredibly similar to a hardboard. It is built to last. The board is made of top-grade PVC material with Korean Drop-Stitch construction.
  • Deck specs: Comfort diamond groove traction for hold and bungee on SUP for storage and Stainless D-rings.
  • Warranty: One-year manufactures warranty covers material and quality.
  • Complete package: Board, Pump with linked pressure gauge, three-piece aluminum paddle, backpack carry bag, removable fin, should strip, patch, and control device wrench.
  • Three-piece adjustable paddle measures 65.5 – 86.

Top features

Well rounded board – The Navigator makes a solid effort to cover all the bases.

You will get perfect to above-average speed, handling, and strength—a fantastic attribute for those still learning the basics.

Groove traction grip deck – Vilano made this board deck with a diamond groove pattern and used a robust slip-resistant material.

It is hard to fall accidentally if you are within the board’s ride features.

D-rings and bungee system – you can perform it on this board if you want to stow away some gear, including a leash, or install a kayak seat.

Supportive for those that want to adjust their board for various paddling experiences.

Portable and compact – This board is on the small side, deflated and inflated.

While this precludes bigger rides from using Navigator amazingly, it is terrific for little paddlers and makes the board simple to transport.

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Vilano Navigator 10' (6" Thick) Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package

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as of November 25, 2023 10:38 am


  • The Vilano Navigator is the best inflatable stand-up paddleboard for lakes, flat waters, or slow rivers.
  • The Vilano navigator comes in an all-inclusive plan with everything you need to manage it and add the repair kit required.
  • It is six inches thick, which makes it very sturdy and stable.
  • It comes with a back bag to make it very portable.
  • The size of ten feet is best for all the different activities you would love to try.


  • The paddle is pretty heavy for beginners. A light one would be excellent.
  • You will need to purchase a leash if you like using one separately.

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The Vilano Navigator is a well all-around board with broad performance capabilities.

It is not the top at anything, nor is it worse.

It is an incredible value for individuals making the primary attempts at paddleboarding or riders that have been at it for a while and want a backup choice at the best Price.

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Best Inflatable Paddle Board 2022 

Whether you’re a beginner to paddling or a well-experienced paddleboarder, you need to have an appropriate paddleboard for fun.

For convenience and portability, inflatable SUP paddleboards are better choices, and if you wish to get one for yourself, you may consider buying the Vilano Journey iSUP paddleboard.

Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Review

Vilano, as a brand, is internationally recognized for its best quality bikes which satisfy different customers with different requirements all around the globe. But Vilano doesn’t only make bikes; if you glance, you will find an entire bunch of additional accessories and items on their website.

Now, we will present Vilano’s popular inflatable stand-up paddleboards, which are highly functional and a pretty cool paddleboard.

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Overview of Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP

Stand-up paddle-board
Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP

Are you planning to encounter a water journey this holiday season? If yes, you must consider having an inflatable SUP board for the trip!

The Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP or Stand-Up Paddle-Board is a 10 feet/30 inches/6 inches inflatable SUP ideal for exercise, touring, and versatile water sports. It is made with high-grade PVC material, making the board durable and sturdy.

The package includes a board, paddle, electric pump, backpack carry bag, mini dry bag, camera mount & float, valve wrench, repair patches, and shoulder straps.

Its single fin is effortless to remove for storage or transport and tracks fine in various water settings.

The deck has a diamond grooved and contrast-colored anti-slip pad and durable D-rings to tie cargo down or add a backrest/kayak seat.

The Vilano Journey iSUP paddleboard is a fine versatile paddleboard that provides unparalleled speed. This’s among the few paddleboards ideal for children and lighter adults. This paddleboard is quite similar to the Navigator from the Vilano brand, and both products have a robust design.

So, are you interested in this Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP? Here is a list of the product’s highlights that you need to know before buying

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This paddleboard is available in 2 widths, 31″ and 32″, sufficiently wide for better steadiness.


There are two lengths available which are 10 feet and 10 feet 6″ paddleboard. The length is appropriate and also increases its maneuverability.


This paddleboard weighs around 24 pounds only, and you can easily carry it with you wherever you want.


It is 4″ thick. However, some paddlers prefer 6″ because they think 6″ is better for balance and stability.

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Complete Package Includes The Following:

  • An Inflatable paddleboard
  • Completely adjustable paddle
  • A removable center fin
  • Pump with a pressure gauge
  • Shoulder strap
  • Valve/patch wrench kit
  • Backpack carry bag

Vilano Navigator 10' 6" Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package

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as of November 25, 2023 10:38 am

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Specifications & Features:


First-class PVC material along with the Korean Drop-Stitch construction


9 feet 9 inches Long x 30 inches Wide x 5 inches (L*W*H) stand-up paddleboard

D-Rings Number:

Total 11 D-rings where

  • 4 D-rings are on the nose close with the bungee cord,
  • Four extra D-rings around the pad for the kayak seat attachment
  • One back ankle leash D-ring
  • For attaching the shoulder strap, there are two D-rings placed on the side rail
Weight Limits: 240 lbs
Fins: One large removable center fin
Recommended PSI: Around 15 PSI
Carry handles: One carry handle in the center
Maximum weight capacity: 200 lbs
Warranty: 1-year warranty

Comfort diamond groove traction pad is there for an easy all day long paddling

Cargo Tie-Down Feature:

There is an applied cargo tie-down feature for locking your possessions


  • Reasonable Price For complete paddleboard kit
  • Ultra-portable paddle-board
  • Complete package for paddleboards
  • It offers long durability because of its durable PVC/Korean drop-stitch construction.
  • Non-slip deck & leash increase your safety
  • A handy bungee and D rings help to hold further cargo on board


  • New company for inflatable sup board
  • Valve leaks

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Review of The Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP

removable shoulder strap is helpful
Review of The Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP

To be accurate, more or less, everyone seems to love this board so far! It is a 5-star iSUP board! Purchasers love the skin design, the value, and particularly the inflexibility that feels like a hardboard on the water.

While Vilano is new to try their hand in SUPs, there is still no decent reason to decline them. They’ve been evidencing an inexpensive brand with high-quality products that now throw tough competition to big brands.

It is evident by the crazed reviews of the pleased ordinary people. However, a single complaint about this iSUP has been issued because of the user’s mistake in not getting the board up to the recommended PSI, which is 15 PSI.

If you do not get it to maximum PSI, you will face flex and unbalanced paddling.

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To conclude, the Vilano Journey iSUP board is a great purchase! This is an amusing SUP board at a low price!

This fresher version will get your paddling journey off to a fantastic start! Vilano pitches in for the buy for the whole thing. You are getting the value of your money.

The VILANO Navigator Inflatable SUP is one of the best bangs for buck paddleboards in the market, considering the various features they’ve and the purpose they can fulfill.

Designed for the users who want to benefit from the different sports and uses, you can practice on one paddleboard. With the multipurpose abilities with the features it provides, the Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP due to its size, weight capability, portability, and the whole range of activities these features let you have.

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Vilano Navigator 10' 6" Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package

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as of November 25, 2023 10:38 am

Vilano Navigator 10' (6" Thick) Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package

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as of November 25, 2023 10:38 am

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) with Premium Accessories & CarryBag | Wide Stance, Bottom Fin for Paddling, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck

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Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Stand up Paddle Board Kit

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