Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board
Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board

Several people across the globe are attracted to SUP paddling for many reasons. The main point of attractions comes from the fact that it’s versatile.

This water activity originated from surfing, but it has evolved in several ways.

In this blog, we’ll review Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board to make it simple to decide whether that is the board for you.

Features Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board

SUP Boarding Activities

There’re so many water activities that you can engage with a paddleboard, and it includes the following:


This is an everyday recreational water activity you can achieve via paddle boarding. This is the most straightforward paddling fun to engage in for several people. If the weather is warm, you can go off your SUP for a swim and hop back on to continue cursing.


A paddleboard is a long surfboard that paddlers use to maneuver through waves faster and easier.

Paddle surfing is well-known in several areas of the world now because of the excitement it provides. You can use this activity to cover long distances in a standing position.


Paddleboarding has evolved into a well-known touring sport. Bear in mind that not all can surf in big waves, but paddling is a lot easier, and almost everyone can contribute to it.

Touring is an activity for riders who’ll like to cover long distances. Fortunately, you can use SUPs for touring on lakes, bays, or any open water.


Stand-up paddling itself is a pure fitness activity that’ll work on your muscles and even your toe muscles.

The activity is also great for maintaining excellent cardiovascular health. With paddling boarding, you can significantly enhance your balance.


This is a competitive, enjoyable paddling activity to engage in. How quickly do you think you can go with your paddleboard? You can find out when you connect with your family or friends in the activity.

You’d note that some SUPs are specially made for racing, so you might want to Keep in this mind.


Also, an exciting activity. You can go fishing with your SUPs. Now, most fishers use SUPs, which provides them a great advantage. Bear in mind that SUPs are generally easier to transport.

You can also SUPs to engage in these water activities, and even though a few of the paddleboards are not so versatile, you will find others that can serve various purposes.

awesafe Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 10'x32''x6'' SUP with ISUP Accessories Backpack, Fin, Paddle, Double Action Pump, Leash, Waterproof Bag for Youth & Adult (Blue)

$299.00  in stock
as of November 27, 2022 12:28 pm

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Awesome Right?

These are the water activities you can engage in with the paddleboards. Some paddleboards are specially made for each of these activities, while others are versatile and can be used for all activities.

Also, these paddleboards are readily available, and there’re different choices for you to pick from. One of the most comfortable inflatable SUPs that you can use for all paddleboarding activities above is the Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board with premium water activities.

Read on to know more about what is so special about this Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board.

Build Quality

This paddleboard is military-grade, top-quality, and ultra-durable material built with drop stitch technology. This is mainly for compression and resilience.

Also, the board’s stability is improved by the non-slip EVA material utilized on the paddleboard. This Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board is undoubtedly one of the most lightweight and durable boards on the market.

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All-round board for any skill 

Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board was made for any skill level. The SUPs weigh only 17.2lbs which is 22 percent lesser than most of the available boards on the market.

The SUP is only 3m long, 15.2cm thick, and 81.3cm wide, and it has to carry a capacity of 145kg.

What is more, you can use it on freshwaters and rivers. Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board is outstanding for all boarding activities mentioned above, including snorkeling and more.

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Accessories are included in the package. 

The accessories for this Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board included a bag with thick shoulder straps for comfort. This bag also has adjustable straps along the back for traveling purposes.

The waterproof accessories bag also has an adjustable strap to keep persona essentials safe and sound. The paddle entirely beaks down into three pieces. The leash secures you to the board but does not get in the way due to its coiled cord.

The air pump and valve check combine effortlessly to fast inflation while the valve tightening wrench ensures an airtight seal.

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This Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board is a good product for anybody who enjoys casual fun on the water. Its light and solid design make it safe to use in moving or calm waters.

The inflatable build and details like the non-slip deck and dual deck valve ensure safe use.

It is portability that makes this paddle is a great option. Everything you need for safe and straightforward use fits in the backpack. Each accessory is safely secured to the board or your body by design when you get the waters.

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What I like

  • It comes with premium accessories to do not have to buy anything else.
  • It comes with one year warranty to assure you of board quality
  • The Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board is ideal for various activities. This includes fishing, snorkeling, touring, surfing, and more.
  • The paddleboard is made from high-quality and military-grade materials.

What I don’t like

  • The Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board is slightly more expensive than other options you will on the market.

End words…

In need of a stand-up paddleboard that you can use for various water activities?

You can count on the Awesafe Inflatable SUP Board with its premium accessories.

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