Glide Retro Stand Up Paddle Board
Glide Retro Stand Up Paddle Board

Glide is a company that produces a collection of stand-up paddleboards, both inflatable and resin-based.

Their history dates to 2008, when the brand founder suffered a tragic whitewater kayaking accident.

From the ashes, his recovery time allows him to dream up how to continue to charge rapids with SUP. From there, it was off the races, as they say.

Features Glide Retro Stand UP Paddle Board

The Glide Retro 11’ Stand-up Paddle Board does live up to its Retro namesake with extremely bright colors and graphics. This does pop like a vintage RV or a few vintage album covers.

We think the Glide Retro 11’ Stand up Paddle Board would be ideal for paddlers who

  • Are you looking for a colorfully styled inflatable SUP
  • Want a SUP with a reasonably high weight capacity
  • Want a paddleboard as fine as for paddleboard yoga as any specialty paddleboard
  • Want a paddleboard for taking puppies on SUP

We think the Glide Retro 11’ Standup Paddle Board is the best option for the following situations:

  • Paddleboard yoga or the same SUP based workout
  • Light ocean paddling on calm days
  • 1st time paddling in flat water, rivers, lakes, marinas, etc.

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I took the paddleboard out on a reservoir outside crested butte for its official test paddle in September. We had some excellent winds that allowed me to test it out with a few chopping conditions.

The 1st thing that stuck out to me was how incredibly stiff this paddleboard was. Even with 12-13 PSI inflation. I am used to moving valued-based SUPs having a bit of flex when you first step into the center.

The Glide Retro 11’ Stand-up Paddle Board, the additional side rails, plus the extra sense dense drop stitch that glide builds in real work. The Glide Retro 11’ Stand up Paddle Board does not flex or bow even in the slightest. I gave it some little hops and still could not get any flex.


The Glide Retro paddle very quickly and easily. When testing the paddleboard last month, I regularly found myself ahead of anyone else in our group without intentionally paddling harder. I seemed to pace quickly and stayed moving fast with minor effort.


The Glide Retro 11’ Standup Paddle Board is ultra-stable. I was impressed at how the flat bottom design decreased the rocking of this paddleboard. You’ll experience almost no rocking during regular paddling on flat water.

The paddleboard gets its high stability rating from multiple different features. The 1st is the 33.5” width. While several cruisers SUPs are around 30” wide, the additional few inches here will make this paddleboard feel different than those narrower boards.

The next thing that makes this board stable is the flat bottom design. Even as you press side to side, the paddleboard puts equal pressure down to the water. Lastly, the additional dense drop stitching helps these paddleboards stay firm and bow down towards the center.

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The paddleboard was reasonably comfortable to move around on. This led to a few easy turns and step-back spins. It was made from a solid platform as big as it was, so you really could sink your paddle and shift this paddleboard all-round.

From a maneuverability standout, we found the Glide Retro 11’ Standup Paddle Board to be a fun board to paddle. It also advantages it is over length, shorter than other all-around paddleboards. It is just more miniature board to turn in the water.

External Board Features

While not packed with whistles and bells, the Glide Retro 11’ Standup Paddle Board has all of the critical features that you’d expect to find on an all-around board.

Deck Traction Pad

Particularly vital for novice and 1st-time paddlers, all Glide Retro 11’ Standup Paddle Boards are covered with a brushed EVA deck traction paddling that covers the entire upper deck. Soft underfoot to decrease paddling fatigue, the padding is also die-cut to ensure that colors stay true to form and not wear like several other screens printed surfaces.

Bungee system

A 4 point forward bungee cargo is sufficient to carry your backpack or other small essentials!

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There’re a total of 11 well-spaced d-rings around the perimeter of the Glide Retro 11’ Standup Paddle Board. The four centerboard d-rings can be used to attach a kayak seat thrown in as a standard inclusion within this package.

Kayak seats are convenient in rougher waters where a lower center of gravity assists create more stability while paddling. The Glide Retro 11’ Standup Paddle Board also d-rings on the underside at the nose of the board, which can be used as an anchor or towing point.

Grab Handles

All three carry handles are wrapped in a soft, durable logo embossed, neoprene making the paddleboard comfortable and easy to carry and transport.


The single 9 inches dolphin center fin on the paddleboard uses a standard USA-style fin box. Detachable and tool-less, the fin can be connected and removed within seconds.

As the preferred fix box within the surfing and Sup industry, you’re able to purchase any standard fin on the market, making it simple to adapt or customize the paddleboard to suit your ride.

What I like

  • Include kayak conversion seat with carrying strap
  • Full-length deck pad ideal for paddleboard yoga, fitness, child or pet
  • Heavy-duty PVC plus a high PSI rating makes for a highly durable stand up paddleboard
  • stable, well-balanced SUP all-around

What I don’t like

  • Limited storage essentials and optional accessories
  • The listed max PSI rating of 25 is very high – we recommend keeping this at 12-15 PSI.

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GLIDE Retro 11 Standup Paddleboard

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