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Roc Scout Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Roc Scout Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Roc Scout Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

An inflatable SUP can be a lot of fun and enjoyment for you as well as your whole family. The Inflatable SUPs are an excellent means to get on the water without investing a lot of money, whether it is a flatwater lake or you’re beginning from the beach.

As soon as you go paddleboarding, you must ensure that you got the best board that can ultimately support you on the water. Indeed, it is pretty straightforward to more or less every person out there. But what’s less clear to maximum people is how to make that paddling portable.

I mean, how to get a durable and sturdy board enough to support you yet portable enough to carry everywhere with you. If you are looking for a paddleboard that you can take with you everywhere you travel and gives you sufficient support, you will need to find one that is portable and lightweight.

Of course, there is at all times the fear keeps on arising that a paddleboard that’s too lightweight will not be capable of supporting you. Even when cruising atop the water world, you probably do not want to be dunked.

There comes the RoC inflatable stand-up paddleboard. It promises to deliver such stability that you will be amazed to witness. So, let’s see how this paddleboard works, whether the board is worth the money or not in this review article below.

In this review article below, we will present the RoC inflatable SUP, a wholly equipped iSUP, along with some excellent features and dimensions.

Overview Of Roc Inflatable Paddle Board

Overview Of Roc Inflatable Paddle Board
Overview Of Roc Inflatable Paddle Board


This Inflatable SUP by ROC is among the lightest and shortest paddleboards available on the market now. The paddleboard’s simple design doesn’t make the model the fastest, but it provides a lot of fun for newbies and even experienced canoeists. Its flexible, light construction lets it get incorporated around in wavy water but similarly makes it versatile and playful.

In case you are looking for a lightweight, affordable paddleboard with decent all-around performance that’s designed for quick maneuvers and fun, this’s the suitable model for you and your family.

Premium inflatable paddleboard by Roc is manufactured of the supreme quality of military-grade material. RoC offers the most durable lightweight boards using the equivalent materials as paddleboards available on the market, costing twice this model.

This model comes with everything that you will need to get out and enjoy the water sport right after receiving this model. This company’s extra-wide design makes an excellent all-around board for all skill levels riders.

You can use it in the freshwater lakes, rivers, and ocean. This paddleboard is an industry-leading product that weighs only 17.5 pounds—20% lighter than its competitors.

Board dimensions are 10 feet long by 33 inches wide and 6 inches thick with a bit of 350 pounds.

This premium paddleboard package from RoC has everything you need to have fun on the water.

Let’s now check what the premium paddleboard package includes in the box.

Package Includes:

  • 3-piece collapsible aluminum paddle
  • A board
  • Removable fin
  • Hand pump
  • Coil safety leash
  • A Waterproof bag (To keep your essentials like keys and cell phone safe)
  • An upgraded backpack

The company offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty at no extra cost. This company provides the best customer service in the industry, so you can completely trust Roc as the front-runner in quality and stability.

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Features Of Roc Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards

Roc Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards
Roc Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards
  • All-around design
  • Great for all levels of paddlers
  • Ultimate steadiness in flat water as well as in small waves
  • Extremely rigid, and the weight limit is up to 350 lbs
  • Stable, Premium, & Large anti-slip deck pad
  • Tri-fin setup (1 large detachable Center Fin + 2 Outer Fins)
  • It feels as firm as a high-density fiberboard as soon as completely inflated to a maximum of 15 PSI
  • Multiple stainless-steel D-rings

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  • Rigid and very well-built
  • The weight limit is up to 350 lbs
  • Made of almost indestructible material
  • It’s a tremendous budget-friendly paddleboard
  • You can use it in different water conditions, although it works well in calm waters.
  • Lightweight paddleboard with a weight of 17.5 lbs or 7.9 kg
  • Fun design
  • Multiple color options are available


  • The hand pump leaks and fails after reaching only 7 to 10 PSI.
  • This paddleboard lacks tail and nose handles that generally make the board easier to take out or put in place.
  • For carrying, the model has a center handle only
  • Limited warranty of 1 year only
  • Customer service has been reported not to help sometimes
  • To keep the inflation seals from failing or leaking, you need to tight them frequently.


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REVIEW Of ROC Paddle Boards

get just over a month

The ROC is a great Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard that is steady on flat water, and it also will make a great fishing SUP or yoga board. With accurate direction-finding skills. The ROC paddleboards are as stable as ever.

Although you’re a beginner interested in friendly water sports, the ROC will still make a good choice for getting stand-up paddleboarding since it is 33″ wide and stable.

As mentioned, this ROC paddleboard is quite versatile as well as you can use it in different conditions of the water. Although users claim that the board gave its top performance in flat water, tracking is much easier as there is less water resistance.

This ROC paddleboard can completely take the challenge from users into rivers or white waters because of its navigation system, shape, and thickness. One can certainly perform some maneuvers meanwhile being in control over the paddleboard.

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To conclude, we can say that the ROC Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard is a fun, lightweight, and playful paddleboard that’s perfect for value-oriented clients looking to go out on the water world for the very first time.

RoC’s smaller and light design is relatively easy to control for newbie paddlers, and it is also playful & versatile for experienced persons. Families searching for an affordable and fun Stand-Up Paddleboard will be delighted with this model!


entry level board

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Q. Is Roc a good brand for paddleboards?

A. The ROC SUP is a fun, playful, and lightweight paddleboard perfect for beginners’ value-oriented people. It is a great all-around paddleboard brand for family fun on a pocket-friendly budget.

Q. What is the lifespan of an inflatable paddleboard?

A. Well, that depends on various things like how frequently you use the Inflatable paddleboard and how much you take care of your board. If you take good care of the board, it will last for around 3 to 5 years or even more. But when you fail to take proper care of the board, it will not even last for three years. It is entirely up to you only!

Q. How many fins does the ROC Paddle Board have?

A. The ROC inflatable Stand-Up paddleboard has three fins, where two small fins are placed on the side, and one big removable fin is placed on the center.

Q. Can I Get rented inflatable paddle boards?

A. Yes, of course, but rented inflatable paddle boards are twice the price of this model from ROC. So, it is better to buy one instead of getting it on rent.

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