PEXMOR Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board
PEXMOR Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

PEXMOR Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board is a highly versatile tool for all riders, and lightweight and compact enough for paddlers on the go.

Build quality and design

Blue 11 foot PEXMOR has solid wearing top foam, anti-slip grasp and four-point mounted bungee framework that gives more security to users. 11 inches long x 30 inches wide x 6 inches thick inflated size lets weighty riders to enjoy this sport smoothly without any issues.

Complete kit includes a front bungee for storage, board stance, and bottom fin for paddling, backpack, carry handles, hand pump with PSI gauge, luxurious lightweight paddle, and one fit.

Built to be rigid, PEXMOR Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board provides a sturdy and consistent platform to simplify traveling outdoors and boost the ability to act instinctively out on the water.

PEXMOR Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

Durability and performance

PEXMOR Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board is made of the first-rate PVC and build with the drop-stitch structure for safety, stability, and long term use. Bungee of the board can be grabbed to be safe. PEXMOR Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board suites most water environments like a clam lake and rivers, cruise through oceans. The deck pad is extended to tail for yoga, water surfing, and fishing. Bottom panel fins let steering, velocity and maneuverability. It has a solid surfboard pointed tip to diminish surface spot and stability.

Rinse PEXMOR Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board with freshwater, fin off, dry, and keep deflated. Avoid long continuous overexposure to the sun to shield it from wrapping. Trim your dog’s nails or put a traction pad for him. It has a solid two years money-back warranty.

Portability and weight

26lbs SUP board has up to 450lbs capability. It has a carry back to smoothly store in garage, trunk, attic or closet and transport wherever you travel for daily use. Paddle board rolls up rapidly, unroll, unwrap and blow up simply (five minutes), and deflate swiftly (three minutes). Max’s pressure on the paddleboard is 15 PSI.


  • 450lbs massive capacity
  • PVC drop-stitch material
  • Surfboard pointed tip


  • Seams can pull away simply

Final words

On the whole, this quite an amazing paddleboard that’s suitable for any weather and water conditions. It is extremely stable and rigid when inflated. Furthermore, it is very lightweight so you can carry it without ant tension in your arms. It is absolutely an amazing pick you can go with.


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