SUP boards Haida Gwaii BC Canada
SUP boards Haida Gwaii BC Canada

Green rainforests and real indigenous coastal villages await in the moss-covered mists of Haida Gwaii.

The Haida welcomes you to the rocky island chain and the northern town of Skidegate and Masset on Graham Island.

Travel by seaplane or boat to the southern islands and wonder at Gwaii Haanas national park reserve’s ecological diversity.

Here are the best things to do SUP boards HaidaGwaii BC:

Gwaii Haanas

The southern third of Haida Gwaii is a protected nature reserve jointly managed by Haida station and parks Canada.

The land is house to grand forests and distinct wildlife such as the Haidi Gwaii black bear, and the waters around these islands spec an abundance of coral reefs, kelp forests, and all manner of sea life.


Also, in Gwaii Haanas, visitors can explore Haida cultural places dating back 1000 years.

Guided tours are accessible from April to October by members of the Haida Nation, who show visitors the remains of specially-constructed longhouses and the cultural practices of the Haida people.

Tow hill

This big four-hundred-foot cliff is part of Naikoon provincial park on Graham island.

It was formed by erupting lava millions of years ago, and visitors can go ATVing and hiking and explore cultural places of both colonial and Haida origin.

At the cliff’s base is the Blowhole, a surge channel that sprays great clouds of most when big ocean wash crash into it.

Whale watching

During the spring, orcas can be viewed in Haida Gwaii.

Skidegate inlet makes a perfect place to view them and for paddleboarding.

Grace Broadfoot, a tour operator, had a near encounter with a humpback on her first day of work on a boat off Haida Gwaii.

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