IROCKER Cruiser vs. IROCKER Nautical
IROCKER Cruiser vs. IROCKER Nautical

There is no clear winner here, as both the Cruiser and the Nautical have advantages and disadvantages.

The Cruiser, for example, is perfect for those who want a bike that can handle a lot of different terrains. Thanks to its larger tires and saddle, it’s also great for people who want a more comfortable ride.

However, it’s not as fast as the Nautical, making it less suitable for those who need to cover long distances quickly.

On the other hand, the Nautical is better suited for speed demons. It’s also lighter than the Cruiser, making it easier to transport and store.

IROCKER Cruiser 10.6’ SUP

IROCKER Cruiser 10.6′ SUP measures 10.6′ by 33″ by 6″, weighs 25 pounds, and can carry up to 400 pounds. It is an all-around inflatable standup paddleboard geared more towards general relaxing paddling with excellent stability.

Riders up to 400 pounds who’re into just paddling at a relaxing pace even with pets, but also for fishing, river riding, and practicing yoga!

The IROCKER Cruiser 10.6′ SUP is exceptionally stable, allowing even bigger paddlers to feel comfortable riding on it.

Still, it mightn’t feel fast enough, lessening the challenge of its one past the beginner stage, unless relaxation was the aim.

It might be very stable in choppy conditions, but usually, that’s brought about by wind that does not play all that nice with this board as it affects the paddleboard quite a bit. Great for calmer river riding through, very choppy, and you might find it slightly difficult to maneuver the way you would like. It is called an IROCKER Cruiser SUP for a reason.

Introduced as a lot more durable option to the brand’s other all-around inflatable SUPs, the IROCKER Cruiser is a fun, versatile paddleboard that’s well-built and affordable. The IROCKER Cruiser added some minor improvements to the paddleboard this season.

A brand well-known for offering excellent value and providing fantastic customer service, Florida, Jacksonville IROCKER Cruiser board has expanded their line of well-known inflatable to a full of 6 models in 2020. Last March, they also launched a brand new premium paddleboard model called Black Fin, which currently consists of 3 models – the Black Fin Model X 10.6, Black Fin Model XL 11.6, and model V touring SUP.

What was previously a super durable paddleboard has only gotten together. This season, IROCKER Cruiser has further strengthened the board’s design by incorporating quad-layer PVC material. In addition to making the paddleboard even more durable, it boosts rigidity, making the SUP stiffer than last year’s model.

Little more stable than the IROCKER All-around 10 feet and All-around 11 feet models, the IROCKER Cruiser is ideal for new paddlers or anybody who needs a paddleboard with above-average stability. If you are more concerned with speed and overall board performance, we recommend checking out the well-known IROCKER Sport 11 feet model.

Another ideal new addition to the IROCKER Cruiser boars is more color options. In addition to the standard blue color, IROCKER offers the paddleboard in aqua, black, green and orange, and yellow.

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All IROCKER’s SUPs have been made with quad-layer PVC material construction for the past two seasons. While they were extremely tough boards, there were significant tradeoffs in terms of the board’s overall weight.

This year, IROCKER has transitioned all of the regular IROCKER Cruiser SUPs over the premium tri-layer composite build they used last season on their higher-priced blackfin line. This is resulted in lighter SUPs without sacrificing stiffness and durability.

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Recent IROCKER boards are more features packed than ever before. Expect the all-around 10 feet and big blue, all of these variants front and rear bungee storage spaces for increased cargo capacity. They are also loaded with safety grab handles, among 17 to 21 stainless steel d-rings, three removable fins, four action mounts for securing gears, and a front grab handle.

Finally, these paddleboards feature a top layer EVA foam traction pad stamped with both the IROCKER Cruiser world logo and the circle R logo.

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IROCKER Nautical 10.6′ SUP

Measuring 10.6′ by 32″ by 6″ and weighing a light 20 lbs, the IROCKER Nautical 10.6′ inflatable standup paddleboard has a typical all-around SUP shape that provides a delicate balance of stability, maneuverability, and pace, that gives it the versatility that all-round paddle boards are known for.

The IROCKER Nautical 10.6′ SUP can be used for a considerable range of paddling activities, including recreational paddling, on the water standup paddleboard workouts, cruising with a pet or small kid, and more.

Riders who expect to have ride-along passengers or a lot of cargo frequently might want to consider getting the IROCKER Nautical 11.6′ SUP to benefit from the additional room and resilience that the different lengths will provide.

IROCKER Nautical measuring 10.6 by 32 by six and weighing a light 20 lbs, the IROCKER Nautical paddleboard has a typical all-around board that gives a delicate balance of stability and maneuverability and speed that provides it the versatility that all-around SUPs are known for.

The IROCKER Nautical paddleboard can be used for a massive range of paddling fun, including recreational paddling, on-the-water board fitness workouts, cruising with a pet, and much more.

Boarders who expect to frequently have a ride along with someone or a lot of cargo might need to consider getting the IROCKER Nautical 11.6 feet paddleboard to be an advantage from the more space that the additional length provides.

We have recommended IRCOKER Inflatable SUPs since the brand’s launch many years ago, and it has been interesting to see them grow during that time. Since the launch of their original 2 SUPs, the Sport 10 feet and Sport 11 feet, the brand has stayed focused on customer requests – like action mounts, affordability, and improved accessories.

With the growing onslaught of cheap SUPs on Amazon or other e-commerce stores, it is evident that there’s demand in the market for low price paddleboards – often new paddlers just starting our families that want to buy many boards at once.

Unfortunately, we hear all too often from customers who discover that once they have bought a cheap paddleboard a brand with no previous track record, they frequently are not around when it is time to provide repairs or warranty support after the sale.

This is the opportunity that IRCOKER was looking to address when they launched their National Line up – a top-quality paddleboard from a trusted name at an entry-level price.


The design for the launch of the IROCKER Nautical was, while not bad, a touch bland. Fortunately, the IROCKER Nautical 10.6 2022 model gets a beautiful makeover.

More color contrast is incorporated all through the board design, the IROCKER Nautical compass logo is featured efficiently, and a contrasting pinstripe is introduced to the deck pad. They’re also more color shades to pick from the new model – sky blue, teal, blue, gray, and blue. Overall, the effect is more sophisticated and significantly less bargain bin.

Main Features

Though the new IROCKER Nautical paddleboard is highly affordable, it still packs a few great features. The boards come loaded with an elastic bungee cargo at the nose, thirteen stainless steel d-rings, three carrying handles, the same flip-lock tool-less fin system as the more many priced Black Fin and IRCOKER boards, and a more comfortable EVA foam traction.

Essentially, drawbacks of the lower-priced paddleboard in terms of features are:

  • No fishing rack support
  • There are no Action Mounts for a fishing rod holder, Go Pro camera, speaker, etc.
  • No rear bungee storage area

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Which iROCKER Paddle Board should we buy?

The best thing about the IROCKER paddle boards is that more so now than ever, there is a board that is ideal for each paddler. Regardless of your budget, paddling experience, or interest in paddleboarding, IROCKER’s new range provides you with tons of features.

The paddle you ultimately select will boil down to how much money you wish to spend and what features are most vital to you in an inflatable paddleboard.

Which IRCOKER paddleboard line do you think is the best? What are the things that you love most about the new models? Please post your opinions and feedback below. We love hearing from you.

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Nautical, iRocker, and Blackfin / inflatable paddleboard range overview

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