ho stevie sup leash review
ho stevie sup leash review

Looking for a reliable and comfortable leash for your stand-up paddleboard? Look no further than the Ho Stevie! SUP Leash. Designed to keep your paddleboard safely attached to you in case of a fall, this one-size-fits-all coiled leash stretches up to 10 feet. With a padded cuff featuring a SuperGrip silicone anti-slip design, you can enjoy a comfortable and secure fit that won’t irritate your ankle. Plus, the Rail Saver protects your paddleboard’s tail during wipeouts, so you can surf without worrying about the leash digging into your SUP. The package even comes with a leash string for easy attachment to any paddleboard. And the best part? Our commitment to keeping our oceans clean with cardboard packaging instead of plastic. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can enjoy your paddleboarding adventures with peace of mind.

Ho Stevie! SUP Leash - Strong and Comfortable Coiled Leash for All Stand Up Paddleboards

Learn more about the Ho Stevie! SUP Leash - Strong and Comfortable Coiled Leash for All Stand Up Paddleboards here.

Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to stand-up paddleboarding, safety should always be a top priority. That’s why we highly recommend considering the Ho Stevie! SUP Leash. This leash is designed to keep your paddleboard safely attached to you, giving you peace of mind in case you fall off. But what sets this leash apart from others on the market? Let’s explore some key features and benefits to help you make an informed decision.

Ho Stevie! SUP Leash - Strong and Comfortable Coiled Leash for All Stand Up Paddleboards

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Features and Benefits

Strong and Durable

Our Ho Stevie! SUP Leash is built to withstand the rigors of paddleboarding. Made with high-quality materials, this leash offers incredible strength and durability. You can trust that it will hold up even in rough conditions, giving you the confidence to explore new waters without worry.

Comfortable Padded Cuff with SuperGrip Silicone

We understand that comfort is essential during long paddling sessions. That’s why our leash features a padded cuff with SuperGrip silicone. This anti-slip design ensures that the cuff won’t slide around or irritate your ankle, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time on the water.

Rail Saver for Added Protection

Surfers will appreciate the added protection provided by our leash’s rail saver. During heavy wipeouts, the rail saver prevents the leash from digging into the rails of your SUP board, protecting both your board and the leash itself. This feature ensures a longer lifespan for your paddleboard and leash, saving you money in the long run.

One Size Fits All and Easy Attachment

Whether you have an inflatable SUP or a fiberglass SUP, our leash is designed to fit all stand-up paddleboards. There’s no need to worry about compatibility issues. Additionally, we provide a leash string included with your purchase, making it easy to attach the leash to any paddleboard you own.

Ho Stevie! SUP Leash - Strong and Comfortable Coiled Leash for All Stand Up Paddleboards

Check out the Ho Stevie! SUP Leash - Strong and Comfortable Coiled Leash for All Stand Up Paddleboards here.

Product Quality

At Ho Stevie!, we take product quality seriously. Our SUP Leash is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of durability and functionality. We understand that our customers rely on our products to keep them safe during their paddleboarding adventures, which is why we spare no expense in ensuring exceptional quality in all aspects of our leash.

What It’s Used For

Enhanced Safety and Security

The primary purpose of the Ho Stevie! SUP Leash is to enhance safety and security while paddleboarding. By attaching the leash around your ankle, you can rest assured that your paddleboard will remain close to you even if you fall off. This feature is especially important in challenging conditions or when exploring unfamiliar waters.

Freedom of Movement

Our coiled leash design ensures that the leash stays out of your way while you paddle. The stretchable nature of the leash allows for up to 10 feet of extension if you happen to fall off your SUP board. This gives you the freedom to maneuver and explore without feeling restricted or entangled by a traditional leash.

Key Storage

Losing your keys while out on the water can quickly turn a fun day into a frustrating one. That’s why we’ve included a key pocket in the padded cuff of our leash. Now you can securely store your key while enjoying your paddleboarding adventure, eliminating the worry of losing it in the water.

Protection for Your Paddleboard

The rail saver feature of our leash protects the tail of your paddleboard during wipeouts. This added layer of defense ensures that the leash won’t dig into the rails of your SUP, preserving the integrity of your board. You can surf with confidence, knowing that your board is well-protected.

Ho Stevie! SUP Leash - Strong and Comfortable Coiled Leash for All Stand Up Paddleboards

Product Specifications

To give you a visual representation of the specifications of our Ho Stevie! SUP Leash, we’ve compiled the following table:

Specification Details
Leash Type Coiled
Length Stretches up to 10 feet
Cuff Design Padded with SuperGrip silicone
Rail Saver Yes
Key Pocket Yes
Leash String Included
Packaging Cardboard
Satisfaction Guarantee 100% within 30 days

Who Needs This

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddleboarder, our Ho Stevie! SUP Leash is a must-have accessory for anyone engaging in this water sport. It provides an extra level of safety and security, ensuring that you and your paddleboard stay connected even in challenging conditions.

Ho Stevie! SUP Leash - Strong and Comfortable Coiled Leash for All Stand Up Paddleboards

Pros and Cons

We believe in transparency when it comes to our products. Here are the pros and cons of our Ho Stevie! SUP Leash:


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Comfortable padded cuff with SuperGrip silicone
  • Rail saver for added protection
  • One size fits all stand-up paddleboards
  • Easy attachment with included leash string
  • Cardboard packaging for environmental responsibility
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • May take some time to get used to the coiled leash design


  1. Q: Is the Ho Stevie! SUP Leash suitable for all paddleboarding levels? A: Absolutely! Our leash is designed to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced paddleboarders.

  2. Q: Can I use this leash with an inflatable SUP? A: Yes, one size of our leash fits all stand-up paddleboards, including both inflatable and fiberglass options.

  3. Q: How long does the stretchable leash extend? A: Our leash stretches up to 10 feet, ensuring freedom of movement and preventing any entanglements.

  4. Q: Can I return the leash if I am not satisfied? A: Yes, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, simply return the leash within 30 days for a full refund.

Ho Stevie! SUP Leash - Strong and Comfortable Coiled Leash for All Stand Up Paddleboards

What Customers Are Saying

“The Ho Stevie! SUP Leash has been a game-changer for my paddleboarding adventures. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear, and I love that it stretches when I fall off my board. The rail saver is a thoughtful addition that gives me peace of mind when surfing. Highly recommend!” – Sarah J.

“Finally, a leash that fits my inflatable SUP perfectly! The padded cuff is super comfortable, and I love that I can store my key securely in the key pocket. The coiled design is genius and doesn’t get in the way while paddling. 5 stars!” – Mark T.

Overall Value

The Ho Stevie! SUP Leash offers exceptional value for anyone involved in stand-up paddleboarding. With its durable construction, comfortable design, and additional features such as the rail saver and key pocket, this leash provides peace of mind while out on the water. Combine this with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you have a product that delivers both quality and value.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  1. Make sure to attach the leash securely around your ankle to avoid any accidental detachment.
  2. Practice falling off your paddleboard in a controlled environment to familiarize yourself with the stretchable leash and its extension capabilities.
  3. Store your key in the key pocket of the padded cuff to prevent loss or damage while paddleboarding.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Ho Stevie! SUP Leash is a strong and comfortable coiled leash designed for all stand-up paddleboards. With its focus on safety, comfort, and durability, this leash offers an exceptional paddleboarding experience. The rail saver, leash string, and key pocket are thoughtful features that enhance the overall value of the product.

Final Recommendation

If you’re searching for a reliable, high-quality leash for your paddleboarding adventures, look no further than the Ho Stevie! SUP Leash. With its top-notch construction, comfortable design, and added features, this leash provides the safety and peace of mind you need while out on the water. Try it for yourself and experience the difference.

Click to view the Ho Stevie! SUP Leash - Strong and Comfortable Coiled Leash for All Stand Up Paddleboards.

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