Itiwit 900 Paddle Review UK
Itiwit 900 Paddle Review UK

The Itiwit 900 Paddle is a great paddle, perfect for beginners.

If you are looking to improve your game or start kayaking, this is the right product for you!

Adjustable and Detachable Carbon Stand-Up Paddle

The Itiwit 900 Paddle offers a comfortable, lightweight design perfect for beginners.

Plus, it comes with an affordable price tag to help you get started on the water without breaking the bank!


To adjust the paddle, open the latch, pull the handle to the wanted length, and then near the latch.

The flat alignment area makes sure that the handle is rightly aligned with the blade.

If not fastened strongly enough, open the latch and tighten the metal screw.

The paddle can be adjusted between zero and twenty cm over your height, depending on the use.

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Carry bag

To save the paddle in the bag, separate the three parts. The blade part goes at the rear. The two upper tubes go in the front right and left compartments.

Each compartment is packed with foam to protect each part of the paddle against shocks. The bag has a shoulder strap and little pockets to store accessories.

An instruction manual in many languages or an imaging manual for the assembly is added so that every person can begin pumping right away.

The critical data of the standup paddleboard in brief: the 11’0″ length and 34″ correspond to 335.5 cm by 86.6.

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The board thickness is specified as 15cm, resulting in a massive 335 liters. Decathlon indicates the paddler’s weight with a full of 130 kg. So even trips with two people are no issue.

The ltiwit paddleboard is known as a beginner touring board.

The relatively pointed nose advises a touring board, but with a width of 34, it is pretty wide and so quite tip-resistant. Many other touring boards are generally cut much narrower and less perfect for beginners.

Instead of the familiar eyelets/D-rings, the ltiwit paddleboard has looped.

There is an open towing loop at the base front of the board and a loop in the center at the back to attach the leash.

The loops are, unfortunately, a bit crooked to thread in.

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Red Paddle Co 11.3 inch Sport Touring Stand Up Paddle Sup Board with Speed Tail 345 x 81 cm

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AQUA SPIRIT iSUP Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board for Adult Beginners/Intermediate with Backpack, Leash, Paddle, Changing Mat & Waterproof Phone Case

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XYLOVE CO inflatable paddle board (WHITE, 335)

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NO. 32 10ft / 3m Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board | Inflatable SUP Board Beginner's Surfboard Kit w/Adjustable Paddle | Air Pump w/Pressure Guage | Repair Kit | Premium Leash & Carry Backpack

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