An inflatable stand-up paddleboard, the Dama Youth 10′. A complex, stiff paddle board is not the same as an inflated paddleboard.

If you’re looking for a rigid board, this isn’t the one for you.

The DAMA Inflatable SUP Board is a terrific gift for your favorite adolescent. If your child is interested in paddleboarding or you want to make them spend some quality time with you, this is their activity.

This board can pique their interest in spending quality time with you and your family. The teenager’s board is the best and most cost-effective option for novices who want to try stand-up paddling and are near water.

It is also ideal for sharing with children, friends, and pets, allowing you to have even more fun.

If you’re not sure if paddleboarding is something your family might enjoy and you’re just getting started, this quality and affordable board is an excellent place to start.

FEATURES DAMA Youth 10′ Stand Up Paddle Board

The Dama Youth 10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is designed for teenagers and young adults. It’s a stable board that allows teens and young people to maintain total balance while riding it.

The producer employed a drop stitch on a military-grade light PVC fabric. This is a paddleboard that is tough, solid, and lasting.

It features a cushioned deck on which you will not slip. Your child will be safe and comfortable on this paddleboard.

DAMA is an inflatable stand-up paddleboard. Because of the tiny form of this inflatable board, you may SUP anywhere around the world with ease on trains, buses, and flights. When not in use, it deflates and fits into the additional backpack.

When it comes to sporting equipment for youngsters and teenagers, size matters, additional features make transportation more accessible by customizing the dimensions and weight.

Only DAMA SUP paddle boards for kids come with extra handles and shoulder straps. This makes it easy to travel and continue doing what you enjoy while visiting a Lake, River, or the sea. Because of this, and because it is lightweight, your adolescent can travel with friends or family on this paddleboard as explicitly designed for them.

It comes with a paddle that breaks down into three sections. You will never lose it because it does not sink. The Dama is also relatively light and comfortable to hold, taking only 10 minutes to inflate and 5 minutes to deflate. Steel D rings are included to carry whatever you want on your board. You can even link your board to another person.

16.5-pound board weights are easy to transport, have a drop stitch material that resists leaking, and check each board for perfect tightness. With its lightweight and compact dimensions when folded, an inflatable paddle SUP board is a beautiful complement.

It’s simple to transfer in either situation. It is made of high-quality materials and will last for many years. You don’t have to be concerned about taking it out of the suitcase after months of storage while you wait for your vacation.

The D rings will keep your youngsters safely attached to your paddleboard while you enjoy a relaxing day on the lake. It comes with a waterproof bag in which you may store your belongings.

This board’s paddle is detachable and floating. It is made of lightweight aluminum fiber that is simple to use by adults and children. It will prevent injuries due to its ergonomic shape and lightweight. A paddle is filled with foam that prevents water from entering.

This paddle floats in the water due to its materials and design, making it easier for children to manage.

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  • Ten ft. in length 2. 30 ft. in width
  • 4-inch thickness
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • 176-pound weight-bearing capacity
  • Paddle (adjustable)
  • One pump
  • Fins (removable)
  • A strap around the shoulder
  • Leash for safety
  • Backpack
  • Additional equipment

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sup board

youth board

Wooden nature
DAMA Nature

dama youth board
DAMA Youth

dama inflatable board
DAMA Fresh life

dama sup board
DAMA Flywater couple
dama sup board

paddle board
DAMA Adventure
DAMA Nature DAMA Youth DAMA Fresh life DAMA Flywater couple DAMA Flywater single DAMA Adventurer
Size 9’6″ *30″ *6″/10’6″ *32″ *6″/11′ *33″ *6″ 10’*30″*4.” 11’*33″*6” 12’2″*34″*6” 10’6″ *33″ *6″ 10’6″ *32″ *6″
People Men or women who like nature Youth or children who enjoy the sports Men or women who like challenges A couple who like to cooperate A family who can have fun together, including kids or pets Men or women who like challenges
Place Lake, seaside, River Lake, seaside, River Lake, seaside, River Lake, seaside, River Lake, seaside, River Lake, seaside, River
Suitable for All round, Surfing, Yoga, Travel All-round All round, Surfing, Yoga, Travel, Fishing All round, Surfing, Yoga, Travel, Fishing All round, Surfing, Yoga, Travel, Fishing All round, Surfing, Yoga, Travel, Fishing
Max user weight 275lbs/330lbs/352lbs 176lbs 350lbs 550lbs 400lbs 330lbs
Paddle Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum 2 pcs Aluminium Aluminum Aluminum
Pump Hand Pump Hand Pump Hand Pump Hand Pump Hand Pump Hand Pump
Pet friendly



This stand-up paddleboard is approximately 10 feet long. It measures 4 inches in thickness. The paddle board’s width is 30 inches.

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According to individuals who have purchased and used this stand-up paddleboard, the board tracks nicely.

This paddleboard is not designed for racing or surfing rather. It is more of a touring board. It only has one fin. Thus it’ll probably be utilized for conventional paddle boarding.

The board is made of a light PVC material 4 inches thick, making it even more stable. The board is also equipped with a non-slip grip for added stability and high-quality military PVC material.

Thanks to the additional triple fins on the bottom, it’s a beautiful paddle SUP board for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

The board includes a thermal seal on the outside, which improves its water resistance. This makes the board be able to move more freely. It is also foam-filled, which prevents water from entering the board.

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It includes everything you’ll need to get started, including a 10’6″ inflatable paddleboard, a sports camera mount on the paddleboard, a 4-piece length adjustable floating paddle, a double-action hand pump, a removable fin, a safety ankle leash, a 5L waterproof bag for essentials like keys and food, a comfortable backpack to carry everything and a waterproof bag for cell phone.

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  • Inflation is quick and straightforward.
  • Provides a significant amount of balance
  • Paddle that floats
  • It’s small and light, making it ideal for more miniature adults.
  • It comes with a slew of extras


  1. The accessories aren’t very durable.
  2. The pump itself is of poor quality.

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DAMA Youth 10' Inflatable Sup Stand Up Paddle Board, Youth Board, Premium Board Accessories, Floating Paddle, Lightweight Lady, Kids Gift, All Round Board Blue

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DAMA Sup Paddle Board Inflatable 10' Length Youth Board, W/Premium SUP Accessories & Backpack, Non-Slip EVA Deck. Waterproof Bag, Safe Leash, Floating Paddle, Single Hand Pump, Beginner Board Blue

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DAMA 10'x30''x4'' Inflatable SUP for All Skill Levels Stand Up Paddle Board, Adjustable Paddle, Single Action Pump, Waterproof Bag, Leash, Shoulder Strap, Youth Inflatable Paddle Boards Green

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DAMA 10'6"x32"x6" Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 inches Thick) with Durable SUP Accessories, Wide Stance, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck, Paddle and Pump

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