fiberglass and plastic 2 piece adjustable sup paddle 1
fiberglass and plastic 2 piece adjustable sup paddle 1

I recently got my hands on the Fiberglass and Plastic 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle from Kona Surf Company, and it has been a game-changer for my paddling adventures. Designed with both beginners and casual paddlers in mind, this paddle combines durability and comfort, making it ideal for any type of paddling at the lake or the beach. The two-piece design is incredibly convenient for travel, and the comfortable palm handle ensures a smoother ride. Made with strong, durable plastic and fiberglass, the paddle is built to last and even includes an ABS edge to protect your board from dings. If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use SUP paddle, this one from a trusted brand is definitely worth considering. Ever wondered what makes the perfect paddle for your stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) adventures? Let me tell you about a fantastic option you should consider: the “Fiberglass and Plastic 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle.” I’ve had the opportunity to try this paddle out on the lake, and I can’t wait to share my experience with you.

Fiberglass and Plastic 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

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Design and Build

2-Piece Design

This paddle is ingeniously designed in two pieces, which makes it incredibly easy to compact and transport. Gone are the days of struggling to fit a full-length paddle into your car or luggage. The two-piece design allows you to break it down quickly, making travel to your favorite paddling spots a breeze.

Comfortable Palm Handle

One of my favorite features is the comfortable palm handle. When you’re paddling for hours, the last thing you want is an uncomfortable grip that leaves your hands sore. This paddle’s handle feels so natural and smooth, making my ride a lot more enjoyable.

Durable Plastic and Fiberglass Construction

The paddle is made from a robust combo of plastic and fiberglass, ensuring it can withstand years of regular use. It feels solid in hand but is lightweight enough to minimize fatigue. The use of ABS edge protection is a smart touch, ensuring your board won’t get dinged up with every stroke.

Fiberglass and Plastic 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle




If you’re a beginner or a casual paddler, you’ll appreciate the ease of use this paddle offers. It’s not too heavy, and the adjustable length makes it adaptable to different paddling styles and conditions. Even if you’re new to the world of SUP, you’ll find this paddle manageable and reliable.

Versatile for Lake or Beach

Whether you’re paddling on a serene lake or tackling some mild surf at the beach, this paddle performs exceptionally well. Its sturdy construction can handle a variety of water conditions, giving you the confidence to explore different environments.

Adjustable Length

The adjustable feature is a game-changer. You can easily modify the length to suit your height and the type of paddling you’re doing. Whether you need a shorter length for more control in waves or a longer one for flatwater cruising, this paddle adapts to your needs effortlessly.

Fiberglass and Plastic 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

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Features Breakdown

Here’s a handy table for a quick look at the key features:

Feature Description
Design 2-piece, adjustable
Handle Comfortable palm handle
Materials Durable plastic and fiberglass
Edge Protection ABS edge to prevent board damage
Usability Suitable for beginners and casual paddlers
Versatility Great for lake and beach settings
Adjustment Range Customizable length for various paddling styles
Package Includes One 2-piece paddle


Longevity of Materials

From beach outings to lake paddles, this paddle has seen its fair share of use and continues to perform well. The plastic and fiberglass construction is impressively durable, showing minimal signs of wear and tear even after some rough handling.

ABS Edge Protection

The ABS edge protection is more than just marketing jargon; it genuinely works. Imagine gliding past a hidden rock without a worry about damaging your board or paddle. This feature has saved me plenty of times, and it’s reassuring to know it’s there.

Fiberglass and Plastic 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

Who We Are

Born in New Jersey

Kona Surf Company, is a brand with deep roots in New Jersey. You can tell the passion and quality built into their products. With a focus on new techniques and technology, they aim to produce top-notch gear using the best materials available. It’s evident they care about their customers and the quality of their experiences on the water.


Smooth Paddling

I was genuinely surprised at how smoothly this paddle cuts through the water. The balanced weight distribution helps maintain an efficient stroke, making paddling feel almost effortless. Whether I was racing or just enjoying a casual paddle, the paddle performed consistently well.

Adjustable Comfort

Length adjustment is quick and straightforward, allowing for easy customization mid-paddle. Whether I wanted a quick sprint or a leisurely cruise, I could tweak the paddle length to suit my needs. This level of adaptability has made a world of difference in my paddling experience.


Despite being a two-piece paddle, it feels incredibly stable. There’s no annoying wobble or flex, even when putting power into the strokes. This robustness gives a confidence boost, allowing me to paddle more aggressively without worrying about the paddle failing me.

Fiberglass and Plastic 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle

Value for Money

Affordable Quality

Considering the quality and features packed into this paddle, the price point is reasonable. It’s an affordable investment for anyone looking to upgrade from a basic paddle without breaking the bank. The durability and performance mean you won’t need a replacement anytime soon, adding to its value.

Long-Term Investment

This paddle isn’t just a one-season wonder. Its sturdy construction and reliable performance suggest it’s built for the long haul. In essence, you’re not just buying a paddle; you’re investing in years of enjoyable paddling experiences.


Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a new SUP paddle, the “Fiberglass and Plastic 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle” from Kona Surf Company is definitely worth considering. Its thoughtful design, adjustable feature, and robust construction make it a versatile and reliable choice for beginners and casual paddlers alike.

Pros and Cons

To summarize, here are the pros and cons:


  • Easy-to-compact 2-piece design
  • Comfortable palm handle
  • Durable plastic and fiberglass construction
  • Versatile for various water environments
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Adjustable length for different paddling styles


  • Might be too basic for advanced paddlers
  • Limited color options (if that matters to you)

With that said, I hope you find this paddle as enjoyable as I have. Happy paddling!

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