attwood attwood boating anchors
attwood attwood boating anchors

We are excited to introduce you to the Attwood Boating Anchors. These river anchors are designed to catch and hold river bottoms with mud, rocks, stumps, and brush. With flukes that act like a grappling hook to snag rocks or other objects, these anchors are made from high-quality, gray iron casting with a black, PVC coating for durability. The large rope eye makes for easy installation, ensuring a secure hold for your boat. Can Attwood Boating Anchors really help us stay secure while out on the water?

Attwood Attwood Boating Anchors

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Our Initial Thoughts on Attwood Boating Anchors

We recently had the opportunity to test out the Attwood Boating Anchors, and we have to say, we were quite impressed. These river anchors are designed to catch and hold river bottoms where mud, rocks, stumps, and brush are present. The flukes act like a grappling hook, making it easier to snag rocks or other objects for a secure hold.

Design and Durability

The high-quality gray iron casting with a black PVC coating not only makes the anchor durable but also long-lasting. We found the anchor to be sturdy and able to withstand harsh conditions without showing signs of wear and tear. The large rope eye for easy installation was a nice touch and made setting up the anchor a breeze.


During our testing, we found that the Attwood Boating Anchor performed exceptionally well in holding our boat in place, even in strong currents. The flukes worked effectively in grabbing onto rocks and other debris at the bottom of the river, providing a secure hold. The anchor did not budge once it was set, giving us peace of mind during our boating excursions.

Attwood Attwood Boating Anchors

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Attwood Attwood Boating Anchors


Detailed Review of Attwood Boating Anchors

Now, let’s dive deeper into our experience with the Attwood Boating Anchors and break down our thoughts on each aspect of the product.

Feature Details
Material High-quality gray iron casting
Coating Black PVC coating
Rope Eye Size Large for easy installation
Fluke Design Grappling hook-like for snagging rocks
Application River bottoms with mud, rocks, stumps, and brush

Material and Coating

The combination of high-quality gray iron casting and black PVC coating makes the Attwood Boating Anchor a durable and reliable choice for boaters. The iron casting provides strength and stability, while the PVC coating adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion and wear. We appreciated the attention to detail in the construction of the anchor, ensuring its longevity even in challenging conditions.

Rope Eye Size

The large rope eye on the Attwood Boating Anchor makes installation a breeze. We found it easy to thread the rope through the eye and secure the anchor in place without any hassle. The size of the eye also accommodated different sizes of ropes, giving us flexibility in our setup. This feature definitely stood out to us as a convenient and user-friendly design element.

Fluke Design

The flukes on the Attwood Boating Anchor are designed like grappling hooks, making it easier to snag rocks or other objects at the bottom of the river. We found this design to be effective in securing the anchor in place, even in challenging terrain. The flukes provided a strong grip and prevented the anchor from slipping or dragging, giving us peace of mind while out on the water.


The Attwood Boating Anchor is specifically designed for use in river bottoms where mud, rocks, stumps, and brush are present. We tested the anchor in various conditions and found it to be versatile and reliable in different types of terrain. Whether we were boating in a rocky river or a muddy lake, the anchor held up well and provided a secure hold for our boat. This adaptability makes the Attwood Boating Anchor a practical choice for boaters looking for a versatile anchoring solution.

Attwood Attwood Boating Anchors

Final Thoughts on Attwood Boating Anchors

Overall, we were highly impressed with the Attwood Boating Anchors. The durable construction, user-friendly design, and effective functionality make this anchor a top choice for boaters looking for a reliable anchoring solution. Whether you’re navigating rocky rivers or muddy lakes, the Attwood Boating Anchor provides a secure hold and peace of mind while out on the water. We would definitely recommend this anchor to anyone in need of a sturdy and reliable anchoring option for their boating adventures.

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