SUP Boards Restigouche River Quebec
SUP Boards Restigouche River Quebec

The Restigouche River Lodge is placed on three miles of crystal clear, Atlantic Salmon fly water at the junction of the Matapedia River in New Brunswick, Canada.

It is the primary camp on the Salmon journey up the Restigouche.

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Many anglers consider the Restigouche River the top Atlantic salmon water on the planet.

The Restigouche River, combine with its principal tributaries, the Patepedia and the Matepedia and the Keswick, makes up one of the best Atlantic Salmon fishing SUP grounds on the planet and also for SUP boards.

A fifty-five kilometer stretch of the Restigouche has been designed part of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System.

Between 15,000 and 25,000 Salmon go into the Restigouche each year, which attracts anglers from all over the planet.

While many Atlantic Salon is reluctant to strike, the Restigouche range is aggressive, and once hooked, they fight like devils and are very acrobatic.

The Restigouche Lodge specs relax accommodations for up ten anglers, as well as a spacious lounge with a wonderful view of the Restigouche River and the surrounding Chic-Choc Mountains.

SUP Boards Restigouche River Quebec
SUP Boards Restigouche River Quebec

Atlantic salmon fishing on the Restigouche River starts around the second week in May and continues until the end of September.

Earlier spring weeks can be managed and unlike most private salmon camp guests are capable to book trips in most of the weeks all through the season at the RRL.

The Restigouche River has an early spring run of extremely big Atlantic salmon, Atlantic as big as any river on the planet. Chrome salmon in little numbers enter the Restigouche as early as mid-April.

This is only weeks after the ice out and coincides with the kelts readying for their return to the salt.

Early in May, a heavy run of smelt starts making their way inform the sea on their spawning run.

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