Soopotay Stand up Inflatable SUP Paddle Board – Adventurous and playful option for riders

Soopotay is a new name in the field but it has already gained more than a few positive reviews. Now Soopotay Company might not compare to other brands, but with only 2 boards, the company managed to create enormous waves for our editors to notice it. So in order to figure out all the hype, we had our team inspect Soopotay Stand up Inflatable SUP Paddle Board, and this is our complete review.


Soopotay Stand up Inflatable SUP Paddle Board measures at 10” x 32” x 6” with a maximum capacity of 280lbs, the weight just 18lbs for your light carry, inflation/deflation five minutes, maximum PSI: 15. Wide and stable while compact, adding additional 2” in width offering plenty of stability for average riders.

Soopotay Stand up Inflatable SUP Paddle Board – Adventurous and playful option for riders


Ideal for all skill levels and no age restriction, remarkable option for paddling short to mind range spaces or doing yoga, sightseeing in flat water. 0.9 mm very thick military-grade PVC, as well as high-density drop stitch, build make this board perfection option for anyone.


Quality of the board is rather a vital topic in the market of SUPs and there is no surprise why. Thus, something is inflatable is bound to acquire punctured 1 way or another or is it?

Soopotay Stand up Inflatable SUP Paddle Board is one of much best quality worth for evident reasons. In that respect, this board manifests the extent to which inflatable paddle boards have made. In detail, the board in question is bound to MSL construction, which is an approach that focuses on stiffness, simplicity, durability, and lightweight instead of stacking layer on top of layer for no clear reason.


Performance of the Soopotay Stands up Inflatable SUP Paddle Board evidently a huge deal for paddlers. And this board is super amazing and more of a spontaneous, adventurous SUP board with touring qualities. Provide a smooth, stable and versatile experience to every rider.


  • Includes a pump and a carry backpack
  • Only 21 lbs. for easy carry
  • One month no risk-return
  • Smooth and stable performance


  • Not perfect for heavier people.

Final words

Overall the board is amazing. The Soopotay makes for a great SUP that can be used for a number of activities and is highly recommended for all those people who are looking for an adventurous and playful, all-round board.

Last updated on February 8, 2020 12:03 am


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