NIXY Newport Paddle Board – Best Budget-Friendly Option

The NIXY Newport Paddle Board is a highly versatile SUP that has an extremely fine blend of stability and speed. It is a remarkable paddleboard for learners and advanced riders. The inflatable board is very suitable for any water conditions.

Build quality and design

The NIXY Newport Paddle Board is made with a double layer of fusion technology using the finest materials in the market. In other words, this is a highly durable option that can take a beating.

The NIXY Newport Paddle Board has an amazing design and is available in four different colors. Huge, non-slip pad covers about 75 percent of the board and has matching shades adding to the build. The deck pad’s frame is stamped with several small impressions of the logo, a fine finishing touch. The NIXY Newport Paddle Board had a 4 D-ring bungee on the front point and six D-ring bungees on the tail, letting you tie down every necessity you need to bring along. 2 additional rings allow you to connect an optional kayak seat.

NIXY Newport Paddle Board


The NIXY Newport Paddle Board 10.6 long, 33” wide and 6” thick and can carry up to 300lbs. when inflated up to 20psi, I found the NIXY Newport Paddle Board to be a very stable and rigid paddleboard. Not quite up to the stability of the board, but the plenty smooth enough even if you are just starting out.


The NIXY Newport Paddle Board is a really fast board paddle. The pointed nose with the little rocker decreases the drag, making the New Port a joy to paddle. In addition to being weight, the NIXY Newport Paddle Board is very light and only weighs 20lbs.


The NIXY Newport Paddle Board comes as complete SUP package, including the board, an adjustable option, three removable fins, an ankle leash, a double chamber three action SUP pump, a large soft shoulder strap, traveling backpack and a repair set.


  • Range of colors to choose from
  • Stable and fast paddleboard
  • Comes as a full package
  • 2-year warranty
  • Adjustable fiberglass paddle


  • The backpack is larger

Final words NIXY Newport Paddle Board

There’re hardly any con reviews on the NIXY Newport Paddle Board. The accessories and the backpack that comes with are among the things that riders appreciate the most. They really love the price. In the water, these guides very great. It feels very solid and stable.

Last updated on January 16, 2020 3:44 pm


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