Zray W2 Inflatable Paddle Board Review

Zray W2 Paddle Board Review

Zray W2 paddle board is made both for sailing and for paddling. It can be used as a windsurf board, as a paddle board, as a touring board and so on. It’s a pretty good choice, no matter what you are planning on doing.
This board is short and wide, which is perfect for windsurfers since it offers them stability. It’s a „funboard” made to be used in various fields. How can you use this board we will tell you further in this Zray W2 paddle board review.
The board can be easily transformed and it’s size: 10’6″ x 32″ x 6″ is perfect for anyone. You’ll be getting a pretty fast, stable piece. The dagged fin system is great for those who aren’t that good at balance yet. It helps you stay stable but also helps you maneuver the whole thing much easier. The enhanced stability and balance are a great choice for young people as well.

The board itself can take up to 320 lbs, which means that you can take someone with you: a friend or a pet.
You’re not getting a board only, of course, you are getting the whole set: a durable backpack, a high-pressure pump, a windsurf rig… Those who like to fish will find the storage part really useful, as well as those who like touring and just need to have food beside them.

A removable seat on a heavy-duty board widens the options as well.
If you’re looking for a board that can be used in many different scenarios, if you’re an adrenaline lover and want to experience life, if you just like to try out new and weird stuff, if you change hobbies all of the time… If you just want to be on the sea, the ocean, the river, the lake, the water… Check this piece out.


Vilano Navigator 10 paddle board review

Vilano Navigator inflatable sup really minimalistic board caught our eye because the price vs. The quality ratio is pretty great. You’re getting a simple, rigid, durable board made from high-grade PVC material. You can expect drop-stitch construction as well! We will tell you some serious info in this Vilano Navigator inflatable sup review.
This means that the board is meant to last, but you still should not leave it in the sun for too long. The board is very portable and, when inflated, it’s about 10’6“ x 32“ x 6“ thick.

The deck features a comfort diamond groove traction for grip. You’re also getting some bungee accessories if that’s what you’re into.
You’re not getting the board only, bear in mind. You’re getting a board, a pump with integrated pressure gauge, an adjustable paddle, a removable fin which will help you with balance (great for those who are just beginning to paddle board), a leash, a bag, and a shoulder strap.
There is space on the board for you to put your stuff: they will be secured, no need to worry.
People have one weird complaint about it, though, the deflating process is pretty loud. We’re not sure how they came up with this, but yeah, that’s the way it is. The paddle board is a great choice for the cash and many enjoy it because the size makes it much more stable and balanced.
It’s perfect for various activities: fitness, yoga, sunbathing, cruising, touring… You can even bring a pet along! Many people decide to go for a car pump as well since it does take a bit of time to inflate the board.

iRocker Cruiser Inflatable paddle board Review

iRocker Cruiser Review

If you’re looking for a professional board and you’re ready to pay a larger sum of cash for it, this may be the perfect board for you. We will tell you little more about this board in this IRocker Cruiser sup review. It’s a very stable paddleboard: 10’6″ long, 33″ wide and 6″ thick. These are the perfect dimensions since you can do various things with the board: fitness, yoga, sunbathing, adrenaline cruising, touring…

IRocker Cruiser sup takes up to 400 lbs which are fantastic for a board of this size. The fiberglass paddle that you’re getting with it floats in cases of „accidents” (if you drop it in the sea). You can convert the board to a kayak as well.
You’re getting a triple action dual pump which makes the inflating process a whole lot better. You’re also getting a backpack, a bungee cargo storage to turn the paddleboard into a nice touring board, an ankle leashes D-Ring, a rear grab handle, a place for an optional kayak seat and so on…

The outer protective PVC layer is a great choice for those who intend to use the board for a long time. It will protect the deck pad, but it cannot be left in the sun for too long since it’ll leave an impact. The 4 layers of protection do a great job at keeping the drop stitch core safe, though.
The back will keep all of the things you get with the board safe and sound, and they all fit in! The board comes in many colors and the designs are all minimalistic.

A 2-year warranty is also a part of the deal, which is great for all of you who like to play it safe. Long story short, this is a great board for both professionals and beginners. It has great stability because of its dimensions, but it could use some extra „fin” help. You can find IRocker Cruiser sup on sale here.

Great 12′ Multi-Person Stand Up Paddle Board comes from Peak

Peak Titan SUP review

Peak 12′ Titan Stand Up Paddle Board is a great choice for those who are always with their family. This is a quite large board, it’s a 12′ x 45“ X 8“ one. It weighs 34 lbs when inflated, which is expected because of its size, and it’s still a pretty good number. In this Peak 12′ Titan Stand Up Paddle Board review we will tell you more about this board.

You can bring along your friends, your family, and your pets: up to 500 lbs can be on the board at the same time! Lovers of yoga and fitness will also enjoy this board because its size gives it much more stability and mobility.
It takes quite some time to inflate it, so bear in mind that a car pump may be a better option. The soft EVA deck pad makes this paddle board a perfect choice for those who like to sunbathe as well, it’s really comfortable.

High-quality materials will make sure that this sturdy piece stays floating at all costs. If you’re afraid you’re not going to be able to bring it around, don’t: we are sure that you’ll be able to put it in your car when it’s deflated since it rolls up to a very compact size.
You’re getting an adjustable travel paddle, a backpack, a dual action pump, a removable travel fin, and a waterproof phone case so you can take those perfect selfies.

There is a front bungee system that works perfectly for those who enjoy a bit of adrenaline. Easy transportation, quick inflation, and multi-use are surely going to make you check this one out.
The 8“ thickness makes a great, sturdy board which maintains balance really well. Reach the „peak“ of your paddle boarding with this particular board.

BRIGHT BLUE Enhanced Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Bright Blue 11’6 inflatable paddle board is one of the classic choices you may encounter when you’re browsing the wide web. The thing is, this is a pretty practical board and it’s a good buy for anyone. Beginners choose it because it’s easy to bring it around and control it.
It’s a really light board that comes with a whole set, which makes it much easier for those who are not that knowledgeable about the equipment. You are getting a paddle board, a pump, a detachable center fin which will significantly improve the balance.
This board is great for beginners and we will tell you in this Bright Blue 11’6 inflatable paddle board review. You’re also getting a bag, a coil leash, and a repair kit. This is a phenomenal price for the whole set. The board has an anti-slip deck pad, which is a great choice for those who want to do fitness, yoga or just bring a friend or a pet on the board.
The board is 11’6“ long and 33“ wide. The thickness is 6“, which is just enough for the board to be sturdy without being heavy.

The red design with minimalistic touches is a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to go overboard. There’s also a part where you can put your stuff so they don’t move, which is great for long cruises: just get a whole backpack with you.
This board is easy to inflate and deflate but bear in mind that most people decide to go for a car pump since it can be exhausting to do this manually.
Military grade PVC this product is made of does a great job at staying sturdy, but don’t leave it out on the sun, since it can change color and become thinner over time. Proceed with caution!


10′ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes from Ancheer

In this Ancheer inflatable sup review we well tell you things you should know before you get this great board.

If you’re looking for a portable board for professionals, but you don’t want to pay too much money for it, this one is probably worth your attention. This particular board is 11′ long and 6“ thick, which is just about the average size and great thickness.

It takes less than 5 minutes to inflate it and less than three minutes to deflate it. However, the pump that comes with it needs to be manually used and many people like to use a car pump instead because it gives better results.

It’s made from double layer military grade PVC, which makes it much more durable than a regular board. You can use it over time and you won’t notice any breaks, bumps, and lumps.

You are getting a paddle (3-piece), a coil leash, a detachable center fin (which improves your balance when on the board and makes it easier for beginners to get used to it) and a backpack which makes it more portable.

Ancheer inflatable sup itself has a part where you can store your things (including the backpack) and the things are under stretchy strings.

It’s recommended, because it’s made out of PVC, to keep the board out of the sun to decrease any chances of the material getting burned. Don’t worry, if anything happens, you are also getting a repair kit that will help you fix the problem.

People love the bag that comes with the kit because everything fits in it perfectly and you can store both the board (when deflated) along with the extra things you get.

It’s suitable for beginners as well, don’t worry. The three fins help with that and they will keep you balanced even if you don’t know how to do it yourself. If you want to maneuver the board better and you don’t need all three fins, you can remove the central one and you’ll get less balance and more power.

Inflatable 9’10” Stand Up Paddle Board comes from Sudoo

In this Sudoo SUP review we will tell you facts about this great inflatable board.

If you’re looking for a portable board with a great design, Sudoo SUP may catch your eye. Many boards are plain, they include simple colors and minimalistic designs that are usually connected to waves and the sea, but this one is very eye-catching and different.

The beautiful red design on this premium board isn’t the only spectacular thing about it, though. The non-slip deck will keep you safe and sound, therefore it’s suitable for beginners as well.

The bottom of the board has three fins which will keep you balanced. Professionals usually don’t need these, but it’s always good to have them, especially if there are more people on one board and if there is a pet with you.

The 9’10” long deck is 6″ thick and the paddle you get with it can be adjusted so it fits your height. The military grade material this board is made of is perfect for those who spend a lot of time on the board since it’s very sturdy.

However, many people think that it’s not smart to leave these kinds of PVC boards in the sun because they can get „burns“, a part of them ends up being thinner.

Sudoo SUP is perfect for those who live to tour because there is a storage part where you can put your stuff, including food. The handling and steering are improved thanks to the fins, which means that the board is suitable for rivers as well.

The backpack you are getting with the board is made so you can bring it around and even travel with it, which makes it ideal for those who bring „adventure“ to their vacations.