[QUICK REVIEW] Goplus 10’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Goplus 10’ Inflatable SUP review

Technical characteristics:

This Goplus set is one of the most affordable inflatable stand up paddle board you will get, and the board is still 6“ thick! Boards this thick have much greater stability and that’s why many people decide to get them, especially beginners.
The whole set includes the board which we will talk about more later, a pump, a fin, a backpack and a repair kit. This means that you are getting everything you need together, which is great if you’re a newbie who doesn’t know what to look for exactly.

Who can use Goplus SUP board

The high-quality EVA, along with the drop-stitch construction, is great when it comes to durability. The air will stay where it is, no issues with that, and the board is pretty sturdy so those who used to have a hard board won’t have a hard time moving along.
The large space is a great thing since many people like to bring along their pet, and those who don’t usually do yoga, fitness or sunbathing. The equipment is easy to carry and you get to personalize the experience.

Package includes

What package of Goplus stand up paddle board includes:

  1. carrying handles
  2. backpack for transportation
  3. hand pump with PSI gauge
  4. repair kit
  5. fin
  6. leash for safety
  7. lightweight aluminum paddle  (68″ – 83″) .

You can change the length of the paddle since it is extendable (from 67″ up to 83″) and you can decide how many fins do you want to use. Many people that are new to the hobby like to use three fins because you will have much greater stability, but those who are already pretty good at the sport like to use less.
Using fewer fins helps you get more control over what you are doing!

Technical characteristics

People say that the pump you get with the board is better than those you get in other sets, but it’s still pretty exhausting to inflate the board, so you may consider an automatic or a car pump. It’s all up to you and your personal preferences.

[FAST REVIEW] HydroForce White Cap Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board

In this fast review we take a look on most important things of SUP board. Bestway  HydroForce White Cap paddleboard is more than a paddle board. It can be used as a kayak too, since it is really fast and lightweight. You can move it around easily since it’s inflatable and weighs 37 lbs.

Technical characteristics:

It is pretty durable, we give it that. The polyester mesh-core is encased with two layers of laminated PVC and a drop-stitch construction. Bear in mind that PVC can change a bit if you leave the equipment in the sun too much. If you usually do this, you either have to stop or get another product.
However, this product can’t hold more than one regular person. It carries up to 209 lbs, which is usually enough to fit just two children/teenagers. If you like to enjoy paddle boarding in a pair, you won’t be able to do this.
In this set, you won’t get only the paddle board, but the aluminum oar, the travel bag, the pump and the gauge along with the kayak seat with a backrest. This is great for those who enjoy doing various activities on their vacation. Being able to turn a paddle board into a kayak is a pretty cool option.

HydroForce White Cap Inflatable SUP package includes:

  1. Aluminum oar with two paddles
  2. Travel bag
  3. Pump
  4. Gauge
  5. Kayak seat with back rest

However, the thickness is a bit smaller than the usual, expected one. It’s 4“ only. Keep that in mind. You get three fins too, which means that you can improve the stability of the product. This is very important because it makes sure that newbies can use it too, without much fear of falling off.
If you think that you’ll be able to repack and store all of the equipment in the backpack, you are wrong. It’s pretty hard to fold the paddle board back into the state in which it was when the manufacturer made it. You have to take that into consideration.

SBBC 10’6 Orca SUP Paddle Board review – Hard board

Orca in action

You can surely believe South Bay Board Co., a company that’s been making high-quality Stand Up Paddle Boards for a very long time now. They always aim to create clean, durable, practical boards and Orca is one of the most popular 10’6 models they have made.

This is an ABS Indestruco Hardshell Paddle Board which means that the structure and the shape will remain the same throughout the years. No cuts, bruises, dents, gashes and so on. It’s made to be used on a daily basis and those who enjoy tough waves may be into it.

The pack includes the board, the leash, the fin set, the handles and pre-installed texture and bungee tie-downs. This means that you are getting a whole bunch of equipment and you’re saving money.

This is a very classical model, it’s made for people of any age, first-time paddlers, yoga lovers, those who use it for fishing… It’s 4.5″ thick which means that it’s pretty easy to carry around.

Orca package includes

The deck is textured and it is dual layer, which means that is has a layer of glue and a layer of PVC. These types of boards last much longer than those with one layer on the texture. The air stays where it is, you won’t have to inflate the SUP more than once. However, the problem is that the two layers can separate so you need to take very good care of this product.

The design will help you a bit with the dual layer problems, and the shape this board is made in helps you stay stable easily. The bottom is flat and smooth so the paddle can glide over the waves easily. It’s one of the fastest models South Bay Board Co. has ever made.

Ocean Rodeo Session 2 Harness review

Ocean Rodeo Second Session Harness

A kite harness is quite essential for every kiteboarding enthusiast. It’s that one part of the equipment that everyone wants to invest in since they want it to be high-quality and secure.
To help you out, we will present you a great model made by Ocean Rodeo, a company that every kitesurfing enthusiast has encountered.

The Second Session Harness is specially designed for kiteboarding, and it features many great characteristics: all buckles are hidden, leg straps are removable, you can ride it as seat or waist, it is very comfortable…
This is both a seat harness and a waist harness, so it is ideal for snowkiting, kite landboarding and also kiteboarding on water. This feature has been provided due to the first industry „Clip-on – Clip“ which made this seat a hybrid allowing you to use it in two ways. So actually this hybrid harness system has easy set-up and an easy removing.
People love the secure and cozy feeling they get because it has molded PVC inner lining. Comfortable seats are not easy to find, so Ocean Rodeo made sure that your sports adventures are cozy and without any pain. That padding at the back takes the brunt if you get in the situation to land on your back or any similar misfortune.
There is a safety release handle, so you don’t have to worry about being a beginner. This feature became one of the most important for this seat.

What do customers think about it?

People say that it fits very well and feels very secure, doesn’t move an inch once you set it up! The emergency disconnect is very helpful, especially to beginners who want to have the feeling that they will be safe even if some trouble comes up.
It is very adjustable because you can use the legs strap option which allows you to set the hook hight high or low, as you like it.
Another thing pointed out by users of this harness is the fact that it has very secure spreader bar which holds the chicken loop very tightly so there cannot be any accidental unhooking.
It is built with top-notch quality materials, and the manufacturer brought a lot of attention to details. Even though you will wear it for months, it won’t show any signs of wear.

The harness is super comfortable; it brings loads of support, it doesn’t ride up while using it. Spreader pad is super beefy which makes sure that you won’t be feeling any unpleasant poking in the ribs.
A quick release handle pass leash is the final touch which brought such a good users review.
One thing all people bring up is the fact they love the customization! You can either use it as a seat or put it around your waist. This gives you the opportunity to try out different styles, and it ends up as if you bought two separate kite harnesses! And all of this will be done pleasantly.


BIC Sports TOUGH-TEC 10’6″ Performer 2018 review


BIC Performer

Paddleboarding is a trendy sport all around the world, and people have loved it because it makes a great summer sport. It is also useful for people who just started out with some sport.
Finding the perfect paddleboard for a reasonable price is often a problem because people have to look into the board’s stability, durability, construction and so on. A lot of people have personal wishes too so all together it takes time to find the match for all those features.
BIC is a company that has been making great products for water sports for a long time, and they came up with the TOUGH-TEC Performer! This is one of the most selling SUP boards in the world, and it is designed by a company who is always trying to develop accessible but quality products.
It is a very stable paddleboard that kind of looks like it would be surfing equipment because of the shape. However, it is used in Flat-Water surfing and small wave surfing and is excellent for newbies! The most significant thing about it is the sense of safety it brings to the user. It’s enough stable for a first timer or even a kid to get up on to and the best feature is the toughness.
One of the best features is stability, so it allows you leisurely sightseeing without focusing on every stroke. It rides smooth and straight, and it is easy to navigate. That is the case because it is light but still robust enough for every recreation.

The construction is so well-made that the durability is even better than BIC’s latest models. The thickness and the width have been manually changed until the company came up with this perfect ratio. The company made thousands of tests to make the board as accurate as it can be.

BIC Sports Performer tech specification

If you are a professional, you may want to check these things out: this paddle board has a premium deck pad, an ergonomic carry handle, and the price is more than affordable. This is not something to overlook, although it may lack some more difficult performances for advanced paddleboarders.
People have loved it, and once you buy it, you will probably never stop using it. It lasts for years. It has four layers of various materials such as foam and polyethylene. That means that it is more resistant to multiple outdoor influences than a lot of other paddleboards.
If you are a bit on the heavier side, don’t worry, this paddleboard is too! It supports a great mass without any problems, and it will serve both amateurs and professionals. It will help you get in shape soon!
Customers claim that it is effortless to maneuver and can be used on lakes, on the sea, in a river and some people loved it so much they started to use it in a pool! They also emphasize the fact that it is priced right and is extremely comfortable on foot. What more do you need?
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